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May 17, 2016

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By Buffy York

Yesterday I bought my second bottle of Botaniko’s Lightening Cream Cleanser.  The first bottle Deborah Stone, owner of Botaniko, gave me back in late January and I have used it everyday since.  At that point I was battling a weird hormone induced dermatitis and Deborah invited me to her new space in downtown Birmingham for a skincare consult.  I was happy to accept because I had become a freak about the ingredients in the products that I was putting on my face. I knew that she and her daughter Alex were doing some really cool things incorporating the botanicals (hence the name) they were growing on their farm into a new skincare line, and I was in need of a complete skincare overhaul.  I had been a hardcore Cetaphil cleanser and SkinMedica addict, because they are awesome, but my skin was misbehaving and I had to regroup.

Upon entering Botaniko’s Studio you realize this is not the same game anyone else has in town, and when Deborah starts talking about her skincare line you will be blown away.  One very cool thing is that the first ingredient in all of Botaniko’s products are hydrosols, which are living waters distilled from fresh plant materials that are sustainably grown and pesticide and chemical free.  Not to freak anyone out, but have y’all been reading about parabens and sulfates and all of the other stuff our government is allowing in the products we are slathering all over our bodies on a daily basis?  (Don’t worry, I’m not going all “Oliver Stone” because I am saving that for another post.  However, you need to know that starting today I am not going to talk about any beauty product that could be considered harmful unless I just absoultely positively cannot live without it, and then the 80/20 rule will come into play.)  I’m sorry I digress.

Since late January I have been exclusively using Botaniko’s skincare.  I love it, it smells great and I have received tons of compliments on my skin.  I use their cleanser, toner, mask, day moisturizer and night oil, but everyone is different and they have a complete selection of products for all skin types.  I told Deborah from the get go that I would not blog or talk about anything that I didn’t truly love and come back to buy again.  She handed me over a bag full of freebies confident her products would keep me coming back, and yesterday was proof of that.  I’m telling all of you about Botaniko because it is something you need to experience, not only to clean up the ingredients in your skincare regime, but to get individual attention from the developer herself.

Deborah and Alex think you need to know about Botaniko too and are giving all of The Style Gathering readers a complimentary skin care analysis and dermaplane along with a product analysis.  All you have to do is book an appointment, mention The Style Gathering and bring in all of the current products you are using.  If you can’t get to Birmingham don’t worry, Botaniko would love to individualize your skincare too.  To book an appointment or customize your skincare call 205.568.7277.  Get busy girls…the first five friends to book an appointments receive a custom formulated serum.

310 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35203


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