The Best Hand Lotion

and A Static Cling Life Hack

April 15, 2017

aerin rose hand and body lotion

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By Buffy York

You would think since I haven’t posted anything in about six months I would come out with something a little more exciting than hand lotion.  But, I promise it is the BEST hand lotion I have found.

Last week I was cruising through the halls at church to drop off my daughter at Sunday School and my dress was building up some serious static cling with every step.  Per usual, we were running late and no one was around except the Sunday School Director, so as soon as I checked Alice in I reached into my purse to grab some lotion to put on my legs.  By the way, putting lotion on your legs will totally get rid of static cling if you are bare legged and your clothes are sticking to you. You’re welcome.

The director, who is always stylish and wants to be in the know asked me what product I was pulling out of my bag.  I know she reads this blog and I had mentioned Aerin’s Rose Hand and Body Lotion somewhere in a Gift Guide over a year ago, but I thought it was time to give this product its well-deserved moment in the sun.  It is my absolute favorite hand lotion to have in my purse.  The scent is perfect.  It isn’t overpowering (Jo Malone’s Red Roses almost gags me). It isn’t greasy, but even after you wash your hands it stays on so you aren’t constantly reapplying.  You can find Aerin products at select Estee Lauder counters (Aerin is Estee’s granddaughter), and in Birmingham, I get mine at Saks.

So I say while you are out today getting ready for Easter and consuming yourself with everyone else’s Easter Basket.  Pick a little something up for yourself.  Aerin does not disappoint with any of her products, but this one is at the top of my list!

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