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The Skinny on Coolsculpting

May 30, 2017

By Buffy York

For many reasons I went back and forth about 10 times trying to decide if I was going to do this post.  There was never a question of if I was going to do Coolsculpting or not, it was more of a question if I wanted to share it with everyone.  I really didn’t want to hear the “thin shaming” from people who would say I did not need it and I wasn’t too fired up about all the clean eaters accusing me of taking the easy way out.  I’ll respond to you folks in a minute because obviously I’ve gone forward with this post.

I started asking around and not only are y’all interested, most of you have thought about it or had a consult and lots of my peeps actually have had Coolsculpting performed.  Lots!  My ob/gyn, my family practice doctor, friends I exercise with, friends I drink wine with and the list goes on.  Coolsculpting is the hot thing.  I can hear my mother saying now, ” Buffy if your friends jumped off of a cliff would you.”  Ummmm, will it get rid of my muffin top?  Well then yes, I’m all in.

I started thinking about Coolsculpting several months ago when I came to the realization that when it comes to exercising I probably fall in the “above average” category and I eat a decent diet, but I am not going to give up the food that I love to get a flat belly.  And the thought of giving up wine…that’s just crazy talk!  Maybe all of you clean eating purist out there can get your taut tummy this way but for me…not interested!  Also, genetically, I have “love handles” or flanks or whatever you want to call them.  Even 10 years ago when I was going through my divorce and I was Trauma Trim (10 pounds thinner than I am now) and my head was too big for my body and I kinda looked like one of the Olson Twins back in the day, I still had flanks.  Coolsculpting is perfect for this.  For those of you who have areas of your body that you struggle with that won’t respond to diet and exercise, maybe a consult with Seiler Skin is in your future. (205-870-0204).

5 weeks ago I had Coolsculpting preformed on my low abdomen and flanks and in the video below you can see the process and I sit down with Dr. Seiler and his Coolsculpting technician Katie and answer a few questions you are probably dying to know.  Things like what to expect and all the areas of the body where Coolsculpting will work. We take you through a typical consult and you will actually see me having Coolsculpting preformed on my flanks.  Spoiler Alert, it is the easiet procedure and I was out of there before I could even finish one episode of S-Town.


My Experience

Immediately after Coolsculpting I went to a track meet to watch my son run.

Week 1:  Bloating is typical and I felt very bloated but I was chaperoning my son’s choir trip to Disney World so it’s a toss up on the source of the bloating.   Although I could have exercised this week I walked about 20,000 steps each day so I didn’t.  Numbness in the areas treated is also typical and I definitely was numb.  It’s a weird feeling.

Week 2:  The bloating went away but the numbness still hung around.  I traveled to Charlotte and back this week and ate out several meals so the flat belly was no where in sight but I was exercising as usual.

Week 3:  This week I decided to start my Birmingham Farewell Food Tour (we are moving to Charlotte in June) and even though I was eating more than ususal I started to notice that I didn’t have to pull my  low belly away from the seatbelt while driving down the road.  I teach Pilates and I am always pulling my abs in when I drive.  Sit up straight and try it the next time you are driving.  It’s good for your core.

Week 4: The numbness is almost all gone.  It seems to be hanging on in my flank area more than my abs, but at this point I can tell a noticeable difference in my flanks.

It takes 3 months for patients to see the full results of Coolsculpting so I will keep you posted.  If you are interested in Coolsculpting I would say now is a great time.  Considering that it is a super quick procedure with no downtime and sun exposure is a non factor, what are you waiting for?

Seiler Skin 205-870-0204


Tan Fat Is Better Than White Fat

May 1, 2017

All Images
Jennifer Hagler Photography

By Buffy York

I spent the better part of last week in Disney as a chaperone for my son’s middle school choir and nothing opens the eyes to the fashion choices of America quite like a trip to Disney.  When it comes to fashion America is not afraid and I think it is fantastic that we can express ourselves any way we want.  Once I soaked in all of the different ways the patrons of Disney could translate their favorite characters into an outfit I started to notice that skin is an integral part of every ensemble and Americans are not in short supply.

While it is truly amazing that as a culture we have become so comfortable just putting it all out there for God, Mickey and everyone else to see…let me just say two things.  Number 1, everyone looks a little better with some color.  Number 2, tan fat looks better than white fat.

That being said I have found a super random self-tanner that I am totally digging right now.  It’s random because I found it in the line when I was checking out at TJMaxx and since The Maxx is never the same place twice I have been on a mad search for it. The only place I have found that carries it is Amazon.

I’ve blogged about self-tanners in the past but Sugarbaby Tanning Mousse is my current favorite for many reasons.  I am a huge fan of mousse self-tanners because they go on smooth and dry fast and this one is no different.  I especially like this formulation because it is tinted so it is easy to tell where you need more or less self-tanner.  This can be especially helpful around the ankles and knees that can be less forgiving if you tend to be a little heavy handed.  The Sugarbaby also smells like Hawaiian Tropic when it first goes on, but like every self-tanner, if you wear it long enough it starts to smell like self-tanner, however Sugarbaby develops its color in an hour so technically you can wash it off long before the stench creeps up.   I have the darker of the two formulas and it develops into a believable rich tan.  It also comes in a lighter shade for lighter skin tones.

This brand also makes creams and gradual tanners which I know nothing about so if you choose to go this route let me know how it works out.  I am always up for a new product.  Also, I did not use gloves to apply the tanner.  I just wash my hands really well afterward, and by wash, I mean scrub vigorously.

Sugarbaby Sun Believable Dark Bronze Tanning Mousse

Sugarbaby Sun Believable Golden Tanning Mousse

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