Tan Fat Is Better Than White Fat

May 1, 2017

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By Buffy York

I spent the better part of last week in Disney as a chaperone for my son’s middle school choir and nothing opens the eyes to the fashion choices of America quite like a trip to Disney.  When it comes to fashion America is not afraid and I think it is fantastic that we can express ourselves any way we want.  Once I soaked in all of the different ways the patrons of Disney could translate their favorite characters into an outfit I started to notice that skin is an integral part of every ensemble and Americans are not in short supply.

While it is truly amazing that as a culture we have become so comfortable just putting it all out there for God, Mickey and everyone else to see…let me just say two things.  Number 1, everyone looks a little better with some color.  Number 2, tan fat looks better than white fat.

That being said I have found a super random self-tanner that I am totally digging right now.  It’s random because I found it in the line when I was checking out at TJMaxx and since The Maxx is never the same place twice I have been on a mad search for it. The only place I have found that carries it is Amazon.

I’ve blogged about self-tanners in the past but Sugarbaby Tanning Mousse is my current favorite for many reasons.  I am a huge fan of mousse self-tanners because they go on smooth and dry fast and this one is no different.  I especially like this formulation because it is tinted so it is easy to tell where you need more or less self-tanner.  This can be especially helpful around the ankles and knees that can be less forgiving if you tend to be a little heavy handed.  The Sugarbaby also smells like Hawaiian Tropic when it first goes on, but like every self-tanner, if you wear it long enough it starts to smell like self-tanner, however Sugarbaby develops its color in an hour so technically you can wash it off long before the stench creeps up.   I have the darker of the two formulas and it develops into a believable rich tan.  It also comes in a lighter shade for lighter skin tones.

This brand also makes creams and gradual tanners which I know nothing about so if you choose to go this route let me know how it works out.  I am always up for a new product.  Also, I did not use gloves to apply the tanner.  I just wash my hands really well afterward, and by wash, I mean scrub vigorously.

Sugarbaby Sun Believable Dark Bronze Tanning Mousse

Sugarbaby Sun Believable Golden Tanning Mousse

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