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August 1, 2014

GRASS is the approach that needs to be taken in your 20's

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Skin Medica products offer Growth Factors, Retinols, Anti-Oxidents, Specialty Products and Sunscreens or GRASS

various fillers available for injection by the Board Certified Dermatologists at Village Dermatology

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Voluma XC is the only filler approved for the mid-face

the style gathering
the style gathering

Buffy and I have been using Latisse for 4 weeks....thick full lashes look good at any age.

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By Buffy York

Buffy asked me to contribute to her blog while she is sunning it up in Hawaii.  Oh, to be Buffy.

Frankly, I am just surprised there is a topic I actually know more than Buffy about:  the skin.  Buffy has always had a fix for all of my beauty woes.

Example:  After birthing a 3rd child  I gained 5 (ok maybe 10) pounds and wanted to mask it with a spray tan instead of doing the obvious thing of avoiding chicken and dumplings.   Buffy promptly purchased a full-on professional spray tan machine that we stored in her basement, and we took turns bronzing our post partum bodies while our two boys sat strapped in their high chairs eating Cheerios. We (always) incorporated wine and good conversation in the mix.

But I digress.

Honestly, I know more about the skin than most since I  have been working under the direction of Dr. Jenny Sobera at Village Dermatology in Mountain Brook Village for most of 6 years in different capacities.  My current role is Cosmetic Coordinator.  I have the privilege of working in tandem with our Board Certified Dermatologists to develop comprehensive aesthetic goals for patients of all ages.  It is one of those jobs that you look forward to every day and I am grateful to have it.

There are lots of options to cover here, so what are my favorite things for the >25 <45 group?

If you are lucky enough to be 25, focus on prevention.  Diligently apply those products and buckle up for the next decade, which trust me, will get more intense and more expensive.  During these tender years skincare products are the most important thing.  Think: GRASS.  Growth Factors, Retinol, Antioxidants, Specialty Products, and most importantly Sunscreen.  I know…you still want to look tan, and I don’t blame you, but go for self-tanners and spray tanners instead of damage-inducing SUN.  Buffy and I are no longer in the spray tan business but Village Dermatology offers spray tans that don’t smell and don’t make you look orange and are only $30.  Also, my go to product is Tan Towels.  No smell, no streaks, and perfect for a night out when you are feeling pasty.

Once you hit 30, well it’s time to address those wrinkles that march in unexpectedly on your forehead and around your eyes.  There is one answer for this that you may or may not like:  Botox.  It’s safe.  It works.  It’s been around a long time.  You will need it every 3-4 months to prevent resting lines on the face.  Everyone comes back.  Need I say more?

Another good option for the thirty-something is an IPL photo facial.  A non-invasive light treatment, an IPL treatment is the best bang for your buck.  There is no down time, and it reduces background color like reds and browns that inevitably show up on your face from being in the sun.  I get it.  It is impossible to avoid the sun when your kids are young.  In addition to helping with discoloration, studies have shown IPL increases the formation of collagen. Collagen is a good thing, as it is the stuff that holds your skin up. Think of collagen as that brown glue that came in the tub with the brush back in your childhood–the thick kind, not the Elmer’s white kind.  Collagen is your skin’s good glue.

The next benchmark is 45.  Around the time we leave from college we start losing 1% of collagen in the face each year and by 45 it becomes pretty noticeable and difficult to deny.  These pesky nasolabial folds and lines begin to form around the mouth.  This is when dermal filler comes in.  Filler is actually a gel that can instantaneously smooth those folds back to their original collegiate form.  Word of advice:  do your research on the person you choose to inject filler into your face.  For obvious reasons, experience definitely counts.

Finally, there’s a new “filler” on the market that everyone loves:  Voluma XC.  It’s the first FDA approved filler for the mid-face (that means cheeks).  Sadly, our full round cheeks atrophy as we age and Voluma fills those sunken hollow areas back up.  You may not have thought too much about cheeks, but when they start to look like a deflated balloon it dramatically ages the face.  Plus, Voluma lasts around 2 years which is about twice the staying power of other fillers.  You may not end up looking like Angelina Jolie, but Voluma creates the nice round lifted cheek of your youth.

>45?   Let’s save that for another post.  I’m sure Buffy will be going on another trip sometime soon.

For more skin care advice call 205-877-9773 and schedule a Cosmetic Consultation at Village Dermatology–45 minutes of addressing YOUR needs, your budget, and your concerns…no matter how young or how old you may be.  You will be glad you did, and I look forward to meeting you.

Enter to win 25 units of Botox from Village Dermatology, a $300 value, by using the Rafflecopter below (a $50 injection fee is applicable at the time of service).  Bring a friend naive to Botox and they can save 50% on their treatment.

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    Where is the best place to get Latisse and will it work for a >50 year old? Your lashes look amazing! I want them!

    Yes, Latisse works beautifully on a >50 year old! The older, the better, as our lashes become thinner and shorter as we age. Latisse is a prescription but you can purchase it at Village Dermatology’s Skin for Life boutique at 2800 Cahaba Road in Mountain Brook Village any day from 8 – 5 with no appointment. You won’t believe your results!

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