4th Annual Wing Ding Vestavia

Presented by Leadership Vestavia Benefitting Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Alabama

May 28, 2015

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Guest Blogger !2 year old Maddie Hagler

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By Buffy York

Today I am so honored to have 12 year old Maddie Hagler as my guest blogger.  Maddie is going in to 7th grade at Pizitz Middle School with my son Judson and her mom, Jennifer, has taken most of the amazing photographs that probably drew you in to The Style Gathering in the first place.  We wanted to give Maddie a chance to talk about a cause that is very real for her and fill you in on a fun event taking place in Birmingham this weekend. 

by Maddie Hagler

I’ve never been a guest blogger before, so here goes.  My name is Maddie Hagler, I’m 12 years old and I was born with a disease called Cystic Fibrosis.  It is a disease that causes my lungs and digestive system not to always work right. CF kids have to do special breathing treatments each day and take a bunch of medicine to stay healthy, and even then they usually spend several weeks in the hospital each year because they get infections in their lungs.  I was very lucky this year and didn’t have to go.

I’m really excited to invite all of you to attend an event this weekend that is a really cool fundraiser for CF called Wingding Vestavia.  There are a bunch of booths who all cook wings a bunch of different ways, and you get to taste and vote on your favorite.  Rollin’ in the Hay will be be playing, there’s a fun kids’ zone and my dad has a booth that cooks “everything except wings.”  The money that is raised will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Alabama and to the research that is being done at UAB for a cure.

There have been a ton of people who have worked so hard to help this event come together and I want to thank all of them. My family and I are so appreciative of all the support that we have seen in our community.

Our family has a motto that we live by: “Situations don’t define us, God does.” and “God is always with us.”

I hope that you will all consider attending this Saturday and help us make CF stand for Cure Found!
Thank you Ms. Buffy for letting me be a blogger!

Leadership Vestavia presents Vestavia Hills Wing Ding

Mark your calendars for the best Wing Ding yet! Thanks to all our great sponsors: Regions Bank, Moore’s Marinade, WZZK and 106.9 The Eagle, Tucker Family Dentistry and more. The event will be held May 30 from 11:30 to 2:30 at the Vestavia City Center. There is music including Rollin’ in the Hay, kids activities and lots of wings! Tickets will be sold at the gate for $5.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
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    Great post, Maddie!

    Great job Maddie! So glad to see the Wingding return.

    I’ve known Maddie when whe was at East Elementary, a very lovely and smart young girl, I wish I had known in time I surely would have came, I hope you had fun and plenty money was raised, love you and Molly!!

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