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October 3, 2014

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Lee Edward's Bloody Marys on The Style Gathering

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Lee Edwards | Master of the Bloody

By Buffy York

I love Lee and Jenny Edwards for many reasons.  The least of which is not because they introduced me to my husband.  Both have many talents, but Lee is famous for his Bloody Marys on game day in his neighborhood.  Here are a few of the recipes he has shared as we head into a big SEC football weekend.  As you can see he has turned this cocktail into an art.

By Lee Edwards

for people who like it mild and simple
Start with Tito’s vodka and the mix is always Zing Zang–add a litlle worcestershire sauce, lime and lemon then a couple pickle slices and pickled okra (I prefer the Wickles brand) and finish by adding celery salt and pepper.

Using the basic recipe from above you can customize the different versions.

Add extra okra, as well as pickled green beans, and a baby pickled corn or two. An olive or two can give it a James Bond look.

Increase the worcestershire sauce, use the “hot” version of the okra and pour in some of the juice from the okra.  Add some extra pepper and horseradish. Hot sauce can be used if needed but usually that is never the case.

Add a little elk or deer jerky.  It helps to have a big hunter as a neighbor as I do with Lyle Cain or Leslie Wood who provide the jerky!  Otherwise a store bought variety works but is never as good.  Use chicken mini’s from Chick-fil-A as a garnish on a long toothpick so they do not get wet and can be a snack as you enjoy your drink.

Add shrimp to the garnish for any of the above.

Add a shot of Guinness to any of the above for a beer flavor. Guinness also works well if you don’t have worcestershire sauce.

Have the rim already spiced and ready before making. I use the Stirrings brand.

To enjoying your bloody to the fullest bite off the top of the okra and put it back in the drink so it soaks up the spices and the okra is the dessert with a certain kick at the end.  Also pickle juice can help add flavor, lemon pepper works well as opposed to just regular pepper, and it is best to use real lemons but watch for the seeds. When making a second drink reuse the same glass if you like it extra spicy. It is always more fun to serve to a crowd and mix it up so each one is a little unique!




    I cannot wait to have one of these this weekend! Well…..I really want a “chikn mini” right now!!!! I love Lee and Jenny so much too!!!! What a fun post!

    Wow! If only we lived right by them! Love Jenny and am sure I would love Lee…just never met him! What a fun post!

    Fabulous! One of my favorite Sunday drinks, not that it happens that often, but when it does, you ought to do it right!

    Love Love Love a good southern Bloody Mary! Ain’t worth it without the citrus + the pickled veggies! (Okra & greenbeans my fave!) we also love downtown Edwards Chevrolet!!!

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I really love bloody mary mixes. I just recently tried LAVA Bloody Mary mix ( and so far, it’s on the top of my list! With perfect spiciness too imho and love that they use non-gmo tomatoes. Try ’em too 😀

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