A Taste of Lake Martin

South Ridge Harbor at The Ridge

July 16, 2015

Lake Martin on The Style Gathering

Smoked Pork with Jalapeno White Sauce

Lake Martin on The Style Gathering

My childhood friend Rob McDaniel of Springhouse

Lake Martin on The Style Gathering

Will, bartender extroidinaire, of Springhouse

Lake Martin on The Style Gathering

The Slough Slinger made with Bayou Rum

Lake Martin on The Style Gathering

Lot 16 at South Ridge Harbor offers amazing views from this Seibels Cottage swinging bed

Lake Martin on The Style Gathering

Renderings of the Collection of Homes at South Ridge Harbor

Lake Martin on The Style Gathering

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Jennifer Hagler Photography

By Buffy York

I grew up going to the lake.  Some of my earliest memories are of a deck boat my daddy bought with several of his friends.  On warm weekends we would pack Vienna Sausages (I can’t even) and little Hawaiian Punch cans in a cooler and set out for a day on the lake.  I learned to ski when I was 5 or 6 years old on Cypress Garden wooden skis that were tied together.  My mama would sit in the water and help us get our skis on and push us up after we yelled, “take out the slack” and ultimately, “hit it.”

Until last summer my in-laws had a lake house (they have retired to the mountains) on Lake Martin, and at two weeks old my son took his first road trip to the lake where we promptly took him on a boat ride to a restaurant across the lake for dinner.  This is when I learned that a pumpkin seat and a boat motor were the perfect combination to soothe a fussy baby. Watching my children in those early years grow up around the water where they learned to fish and tie off a boat, and they learned to tube and ski created some awesome memories I will never forget.

This past weekend I was a part of a fabulous party at Lake Martin hosted by Russell Lands On Lake Martin showcasing The South Ridge Harbor at The Ridge.  This development is the newest lake front enclave in the wildly popular Ridge Community.  With choices of lots with amazing sunrises or sunsets and quiet sloughs or big water, these lots are going fast.

The party was not only a chance for Russell Lands to show off the beautiful lots and the showhouses that encompass The South Ridge Harbor, but also to show off the many amenities of Lake Martin.  Catherine’s Market was on hand with hand dipped ice cream.  My hometown friend Rob McDaniel of SpringHouse Restaurant marinated pork in a delicious jalapeno white sauce, smoked it and served it up with Wickles Pickles.  Yum.  Kowaliga Restaurant, my son’s first restaurant experience, was well represented and served up their catfish tacos, and Will, the bartender from SpringHouse, was mixing up Slough Slingers made with Bayou Rum.

Obviously, Lake Martin offers much more than Vienna Sausages and Hawaiian Punch to their residents, and the restaurants and marinas and all the other amenities make it a very special lake.  However, real lasting memories of the lake are created on front porches and docks and on the end of a ski rope.  Russell Lands would love for you to check out their latest development and start making memories of your own.

Russell Lands On Lake Martin
Emily McDaniel
South Ridge Harbor at the Ridge Home Collection



    Great article! Thank you for the shout out.

    Lacey Howell
    Wickles Pickles
    Dir. of Marketing

    No Problem! I love Wickles. They are the best! Especially since they are made here in Alabama. –Buffy

    I grew up on Lake Martin too and we were expected to know how to ski in my family by the time we were six as well! My son’s first road trip was also to Lake Martin. Great to read about how Lake Martin has even more to offer now than when we were growing up!

    A friend of mine has a rule that her kids have to ski first every time they are at the lake before they tube, wake board etc. I think that should be a state law! –Buffy

    Sad to have missed it- The Ridge by boat is too far from us…..Love your story. I too learned on Dick Pope Jrs – they must be antiques by now.

    Catherine, It was a great event and yes my cousins had the Dick Pope’s. Antiques for sure by now. –Buffy

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    Memories flooding in upon reading this! Grew up skiing on the lakes of Florida and have such warm and funny family memories. I remember saying exactly the same thing – “take the slack out” then “hit it”. I fhave a pair of wooden trick skiis in the basement you can borrow:)

    In such a fast paced world full of technology, I treasure days on the lake with my family. Thanks for sharing this story, Buffy!

    I’m so glad I am not alone in this!–Buffy

    This post just made me so hungry! The smoked pork looked amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    Mariana, It was amazing! You need to take the trip to Lake Martin and eat at the SpringHouse.–Buffy

    I loved this post! I have not been reading much with our crazy Summer!!! I spent Summer’s with my dad in eastTennessee, where he and his wife lived in an old farm house on a lake. My step-mother did the same as your mom teaching me to water ski at 7yrs old! By the end of the Summer I was getting up on a slalom and doing tricks with the college kids who were training for Cypress Gardens Ski show! We too, would take off in our old boat that had metal gas tanks in the back. I hated being the one skiing when one tank would go empty, and they boat would stop to hook up the next tank! We had the same snacks on saltines with cokes! Although we lived on the lake, we would all take off for the entire day on the water! I wish my kids had those experiences too. Hopefully one day!!!( I still have my fist slalom ski my dad bought me!!! )

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