Buffy York

I was raised in a small town in Alabama where frequent visits to the Beauty Shop and Big B taught me to stay right on trend with big hair and blue eyeshadow. Fast forward 25 years and you will find a wife and mother living in Birmingham, Alabama who has surrounded herself with an incredible group of people. The Style Gathering started years ago as conversations on the back porches and living rooms of my educated, savvy and hilarious group of friends. I have always been the "go-to" of the group for advice on all things stylish. After much encouragement I launched The Style Gathering in the summer of 2014 and officially put my sometimes witty and usually sensible voice out there for all to hear. The Style Gathering is a lifestyle blog that continues the conversation. It is powered by Jennifer Hagler's beautiful photography and my desire to find the latest in effective skin care, beauty products and cosmetics, sophisticated and fun fashion, recipes inspired by fresh local ingredients and beautiful interiors. Come join in the conversation.

Laura DiFatta

In the late summer of 1992, a handsome waiter named Ken DiFatta introduced himself as I dined out with my best friend. After finding out I didn’t have a boyfriend, he asked me for my number, called me the next day, we went out and there began our great adventure. We married in 1995 at which time I moved from Florence, MS to Birmingham, Alabama, where I have felt at home from the start. We have three boys: Jake, Ethan and Trent ages 14, 11 and 4 respectively. At times, our home feels like a frat house, but we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way! We have have been married 19 years.

Ken and I are passionate for people to hear the Truth about God’s love and to grow in a relationship with Him. I have trusted God’s Son, Jesus, for my salvation since I was a child. We have been involved in local and foreign missions as a family and individually for many years. Our family recently returned from a mission trip to Honduras through Forgotten Children Ministries. Four out of 5 of us went, so it was special for that and many other reasons! We consider our home to be our primary mission field and is the most challenging because we see one another’s “real-deal selves.” Parenting is humbling, exhausting and joy-filled and stretches us daily.

One of the blessings of being over 40 is that I am comparing myself to others much less and learning to appreciate the differences that we have more and more. And it amazes me how people are gifted! I benefit-- whether it is in parenting or decorating or any number of other things-- when I say, I could use some help here! I am excited that we can encourage one another to live knowing that each of us has a purpose and and each of us has gifts to share that will benefit someone else! I’m so glad to be on this great adventure with you!!

Jennifer Hagler

I can’t remember not having a camera in my hands…even as a child. There is just something amazing about being able to permanently capture life’s moments. Once I became a mother, the fascination grew stronger.

Eight years ago I started Jennifer Hagler Photography, a lifestyle based photography business that focused on children and family portraiture. As the years have passed, I have expanded into many other areas of photography including weddings, corporate, event and stock photography, but my love will always be lifestyle.

As my own children have grown older, in looking back a snapshots taken over the years, I realize that the ones which make me smile or cry are the ones that bring me back to a specific moment in their lives. Not the ones with a “perfect smile” or even the ones where they are happy. It is the ones that simply show life. In all its imperfections. Life is messy, sad, chaotic, happy, mysterious, unpredictable, amazing, frustrating, joyful…the list goes on. All of these combined is what makes life so incredible. And for someone who loves nothing more than to capture life, it is like an all you can eat buffet, just slow down enough to take it all in. When we can step back and look for small moments and realizing the value that each moment brings, whether through smiles or tears, then that is when we can truly appreciate the gift that is life.

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