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June 3, 2015

vanilla latte from Alabama Biscuit

Vanilla Latte

The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering

Blueberry Bis-Cake

The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering

Cold Brewed Coffee

The Style Gathering

Biscuit Verde

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Jennifer Hagler Photography

By Buffy York

Yesterday I had a “very important” (if I were talking I would be using finger quotes here) meeting about “the blog” (more finger quotes) and we are putting together a pretty ah-may-zen giveaway to celebrate our upcoming 1st birthday here at The Style Gathering.  Stay tuned because you will not want to miss this birthday treat happening later this month that will include items from Paige Albright Orientals, TuLi designs and JJ Eyes, just to name a few of the businesses and brands we are working with to make this giveaway “epic” (finger quotes again).  This meeting took place at Alabama Biscuit and I just had to share with everyone some pictures of their stupid crazy good biscuits.  Jennifer had the Biscuit Verde and my buddy Jeannie Leighton from Jeannie Leighton Marketing had the biscuit with fig preserves, pancetta and manchego.  I had the blueberry bis-cake because I am on a “diet” (is there an emogi for finger quotes?).

All of the biscuits at Alabama Biscuit are gluten-free, stone ground and organic, using sprouted spelt flour, organic butter and local buttermilk, with a variety of natural toppings.  Their coffee is pretty dang good too.  I had the vanilla latte that is flavored with their homemade vanilla bean syrup, complete with a froth design on top worthy of the most famous instagrammer’s feed.  They also have a contraption similar to BJ and Hawkeye’s moonshine still (my parents probably shouldn’t have let me watch M*A*S*H) that slowly brews cold coffee.  The place is hopping with bloggers, by bloggers I mean me, and businessmen alike, gathering around the wooden tables sourced from a Cullman County storm damaged tree.  It is a super cool place to hang out and  I will be going back soon.  Their menu is seasonal and extensive and you will not be disappointed.

The Alabama Biscuit Company
4133 White Oak Drive
Birmingham, Alabama
7 days a week
7am until 2 pm




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