March 30, 2015

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By Buffy York

I met CJ Adams a few years ago.  His mom Deanna, who was my Pure Barre instructor, had been telling me about one of her boys who was graduating from college and had started his own marketing and advertising company.  I was impressed with the idea, but when I met CJ I was blown away.  He is super cool, super creative and impeccably dressed.  It was no surprise to me when a few weeks ago I learned about his latest venture, AVI8.

Two years ago CJ had the idea to create a company that made hats with airport codes.  With all of the state pride merchandise available, he felt there was a market for merchandise proclaiming the love for our cities.  Airport codes seemed to be a unique spin on the city pride idea so he had a few samples made.  As things often go, he got busy and the project fell to the wayside.  All the while though, CJ would wear his BHM hat and literally have people ask where they could get one or could they buy the hat off of his head.  A few months ago this happened three times in one night and the next day CJ built the website for AVI8.

The response to the hats has been overwhelming and as soon as a shipment becomes available AVI8 sells out.  You can pre-order the BHM hat now and it should ship later this week.  If Nashville, Atlanta and NYC are your jam, the BNA, ATL and LGA hats will be available in the coming weeks.  Contact CJ here to let him know of your interest or if you might want him to consider another city’s code.

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    Omg, I want one of those BHM hats so bad! Awesome idea :)

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