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September 22, 2015

The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering

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By Buffy York

#Basic. Basic is a term used by people younger than me to describe a person or action or thing, and it is not a compliment. Urban Dictionary defines the modern day slang as something that is obvious, predictable or transparent. I would probably be more likely to use the term “vanilla,” or if I had not gone to a state school, I might use “pedestrian.” Basically, “basic” is not good. #Duh.

Unless you are like me and not in your 20’s…for me “basic” is good and it makes my complicated life a little more manageable.  The outfit in the pictures above is basic and I am okay with that. Basic clothes which could also be termed as “classic” enable me to think less about what I am wearing and more about what’s for dinner, how am I going to get to Pure Barre, get to the grocery store, fit in everything else I have to do in a day before carpool…and still look put together.

We actually took these pictures late last winter but I could leave this outfit just the same or update the accessories and I still have a look that is presentable and won’t embarrass my child at Teacher Time Out.  Actually, Alice would be disappointed in the lack of feathers, sequins and pink in any outfit I wear, but since I’m not dressing for my 8 year old it is all good.

Today is the first day of fall and I am starting to feel a chill in the air so let’s break this get up down. I’m wearing a v-neck sweater from Target that is super cheap, or you could go for a more expensive cashmere version that would be timeless.  The black silk Equipment Signature button down I have on is an investment piece but it is in heavy rotation this time of year.  I’m wearing skinny jeans and OTN boots, but boyfriend jeans or Gap’s girlfriend jeans with booties would work, or the super trendy cropped flares would be great with the even more trendy lace-up flats.  My favorite cross body bag from last season is this Kelly Wynne number but it could be updated with some fringe or a saddle bag.

Dita Sunglasses c/o JJ Eyes

Hit me up and let me know what your go to looks are for easy classic fall outfits.




    Love this look!

    Thank you Carie, It is an easy uniform for me! –Buffy

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