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Airbrush Root Touch Up

March 16, 2015

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By Buffy York

If my maid cleaned my house, my yard man showed up and I got my hair colored all on the same day I’m pretty sure I would be briefly living in my perfect little OCD world.  “Briefly” being the key word in that last sentence.  With 4 children this house stays clean and smelling good for a nano second.   Our yard is a constant battle of falling leaves and growing grass.   And, at 43 years old, I have gone from a few grey hairs occasionally making a guest appearance on my head to an entourage setting up a residency like Britney in Vegas.

Luckily for all of us out there who are fighting the never ending battle of covering our roots in between trips to the beauty shop (I’m from a small town and that’s what we call it), Oribe has come out with their Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray and it is pretty amazing.  It comes in 5 shades and I have seen the blonde, red and dark brown shades in action and they all work great.  When my little silver friends start showing up I simply shake up the can, lightly spray my roots, and let it quickly dry into a fine powder that covers my roots seamlessly.  It smells good and works like a dry shampoo by absorbing dirt and oil, and since I hardly ever wash my hair I am loving the whole, “two birds, one stone” thing.

If you live in the Birmingham area you can test it out and find the right shade for you at Gus Mayer at the Summit.  If not, I have hooked you up with links to each shade you can find by clicking the images below.  With only 5 shades it is pretty straight forward.

Beauty Bits is an ongoing monthly column where my friends at stylebriefs, My Life Well Loved, My Scoop and myself share with you our latest and greatest product finds.  Martha is talking sunscreen and has a great giveaway, Heather is all about a safe natural glow and Amy is letting us in on her latest beauty secret.



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    I need to grab some of this today! I don’t get my hair done until next week!!!!

    Salon 2412 in mountainbrook also carries it

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