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May 14, 2015

The Buffy Body Bar from Lush
The Buffy Body Bar from Lush

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By Buffy York

About this time last year I was in Honduras on a mission trip and my friend and I were having a conversation about the Beauty Blender.  Not exactly the place for girl talk but the bus rides were long and we are girls, so there you go.  I was waxing on about how much I loved my Beauty Blender and how, as far as beauty tools go, it is the most versatile in my arsenal.  She then told me how she too had a makeup sponge and thought it was great.  Without seeming like a “know it all” or a paid spokesman for the Beauty Blender, I started to explain to her how the Beauty Blender and a makeup sponge are not the same.  They are kind of like Kim Kardashian and a Drag Queen.  They may look alike but once you put them to work the end result will be very different.  I’m sure like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and duct tape, NASA technology is somewhere behind the materials that make up the Beauty Blender.  It is almost a modern marvel.

Following the directions for use, I wet the blender, squeeze out the excess water with a dry washcloth and start applying my foundation.  I usually put my foundation on the back of my hand, dip the Beauty Blender in the foundation and then go to town dabbing wherever I need coverage.  It is a flawless application that looks like airbrushed makeup.  I then use brushes to apply my bronzer, blush and eye shadow but always finish my makeup with a light tapping with the blender all over my face.  It does exactly what the name says, it blends your makeup, and does it like a professional makeup artist.

It may seem a little costly at over $20 but if you take care of it, it will last a while.  Beauty Blender makes a solid soap that they suggest using to clean your Beauty Blender with after every use.  It is $15 and I have found that any of the Dr. Bronner Magic Soaps work really well, and for less than $5 you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Side note, my friend texted me a few months ago to tell me I was right about the Beauty Blender and she is now on her second one.  She is also the person who commented on my Instagram that I was right; the “Old Glory” cupcake from Dreamcakes is the best dessert ever!  I’m here for ya people.

My fellow bloggers are here for you too.  Today is our latest installment of Beauty Bits.  Find out what Heather from My Life Well Loved, Martha at stylebriefs and Amy from My Scoop can’t live without this month.

| find Beauty Blenders in different sizes and colors and Dr. Bronner’s Soaps by clicking the images below |



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    Well I’m sold.

    I know what I’ll be ordering today! I have a different “blender”, but the Beauty Blender sounds much better…thanks Buffy!!

    You will not regret this purchase!

    I’m a die-hard fan of both the Beauty Blender AND Dr. Bronner’s Soaps…the Lavender and Peppermint versions are the best ending to a busy day!

    I just opened a new peppermint soap tonight and I am in love for sure!

    Glad we had that bus convo! It’s one of my desert-island must haves for sure!

    Me too! Gonna miss you this year in Hondo. Who am I going to talk product with? –Buffy

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    […] always we love to share what our favorite bloggers are up to so go check out  buffy’s The Style Gathering today — she’s talking about the beauty blender.  amy lemley bailey of My Scoop  and, […]

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