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March 2, 2015

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By Buffy York

A few weeks ago I was part of the B-Metro Magazine Blogger Team at a Diamond’s Direct event the night before Valentine’s Day and let me tell you the place was hoppin.  Couples were shopping together and many patrons were drinking champagne and enjoying neck and hand massages from the ladies of Tonya Jones Salon.  There was a ton of excitement in the air as newly engaged couples shopping for wedding bands posed by the selfie station and gentleman left with a wrapped gift for their sweetheart and a complimentary bouquet of roses under their arm; each with a sense of pride and a look of accomplishment on their faces.  There really was a feeling of electricity in the air.

However, looking back at the pictures from the evening of myself and my co-bloggers, Tracy James of Chic Made Simple and Lauren Lockhart of B-Metro, perusing the baubles, I am reminded of something that long-time Birmingham jeweler, the late Sperry Snow said to me many years ago.  I was casually perusing his store looking at several beautiful pieces of jewelry and commenting on how nice it would be to own this or that. I’m sure I said I just could not purchase a ring or a bracelet or whatever piece of fine jewelry I was looking at for myself.  His response was, “Why not?  You ladies run all over town spending no telling how much on clothes that don’t last and won’t buy a piece of jewelry you will own forever.”

Sperry was so right.  I still own the ruby and diamond chip cluster ring that my parents bought me when I was in 6th grade but I just got rid of boots and clothes I bought last year.  Why our minds are programmed that way is a mystery to me but as I look at the amazing pieces from Gabriel and Co. above I wonder why we don’t just reboot our way of thinking.  Several of the bracelets above that can stand alone or be the beginning of a collection, start at $65 and I bet you paid more for a coat this year that you would for some of these *rings or necklaces.  The next time you are in Cahaba Village you should stop by and check Diamond’s Direct out for yourself.  Their staff is unbelievably knowledgeable and beyond helpful, and the selection and prices are the best in town.

*The canary diamond ring is my personal fave but I might need to consult my accountant before I bit that bullet.

Diamond’s Direct
2800 Cahaba Village Plaza
Birmingham, AL 35243




    So true. Let’s go shopping :).

    B- your blog just gets better n better! xoxo

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