Calligraphy Class with Holly Hollon

January 21, 2015

one of Holly's creations

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By Buffy York

If you follow The Style Gathering on Instagram you know that a couple of Saturdays ago I took a calligraphy class.  Those pictures got a huge response from lots of interested parties and I thought I would share with y’all more pictures from the day and give you the 411 on Holly Hollon and her classes.

The class was an all day affair and took place at The Nest, a really cool space in the ultra hip, regentrified Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham.  My classmates came from all sorts of backgrounds, teachers to college students, graphic designers to nutritionists and seasoned mothers to mom’s to be.  We were each given our own custom box of caliigraphy pens, nibs and ink and a binder with lettering examples that is serving me well now that the class is over.  The day started very casual with Holly demonstrating the basic strokes that create letters and progressed from there.  For lunch we trekked across the street for a fantastic lunch at Post Office Pies.  (Their kale and brussel sprout salad is insane.)  After lunch we continued with the class and ended the day at 4:00 all wanting more.  We are all waiitng for the 2.0 class.

Holly is an amazing calligrapher and if you have flipped through the Birmingham Scout Guide or a Southern Living recently you have probably seen her work.  Just take a look at her Pinterest account and you will be blown away.   The other day I picked up a gorgeous “save the date” card at my Mother-in-Law’s and I immediatly recognized her work.  Holly’s wedding stationery is to die for.  She is commissioned by brides all over the world and has produced beautiful stationery suites in several languages to accommodate wedding guests from afar.

If you are interested in attending a calligraphy class taught by Holly or interested in her work she can be contacted via email at  She has classes scheduled for March 21st and April 25th.  If you want to attend a class you need to contact her pronto.  They fill up fast.



    Hey, Girl!
    Loved reading more about Holly. She’d done wedding invitations for a friend’s daughter last summer-beautiful!
    Now that you have your caligraphy swerve on, I want you to explore the world of ZenTangle. Darla Williamson at Artists on the Bluff in Bluff Park is a Certified Zen Tangle teacher and offers both day and night classes. You may have seen some pieces of similar work by Judson when he was in 4-5 grades. It is totally addictive, and anybody can do it. Great to do with the kiddos! Let me know what you think…

    I am going to check that out. Thanks for the heads up.

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