Fraxel Restore Dual: The Gold Standard of Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing

By Warren B. Seiler III, M.D., Medical Director at Seiler Skin

November 21, 2016

By Buffy York

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to perform one of my favorite procedures on Buffy – Fraxel. There are myriad reasons why I absolutely love this procedure, including the fact that, as opposed to other devices, it can safely treat areas other than the face – but, more on that later. Buffy has been a patient of mine for a number of years, and was the perfect candidate for Fraxel.

I have been performing Fraxel for a number of years now, and Fraxel Restore Dual is the newest and most advanced model. This device uses two wavelengths (hence, “dual”) to reach different depths of the skin. The first is a deep wavelength (1550nm) that stimulates collagen production and treats visible signs of aging, like deep lines and wrinkles, scar tissue and even stretch marks. The second wavelength (1927nm) addresses more superficial issues, including hyperpigmentation, enlarged and overactive pores, fine lines and texture concerns. Unlike older models, Fraxel Restore Dual has a new laser wavelength to better and more quickly address abnormal pigmentation issues and fine lines. The built-in cooling element makes it very easy for even the most sensitive patients!

So, how does it work? To put it simply, Fraxel produces laser energy, which penetrates the skin deeply and creates tiny “microthermal” zones. The treated skin tissue then repairs itself by expunging old and damaged cells and replacing them with new healthy ones. I often refer to this treatment as the gold standard of non-ablative (non-skin removing) skin resurfacing because it produces remarkable results and requires minimal downtime.

A few weeks prior to her procedure, Buffy began using a brand new and truly remarkable product to prepare her skin for the procedure – ALASTIN Skin Nectar™ with TriHex Technology™.  ALASTIN’s revolutionary formulation is designed to support the skin’s natural regenerative processes before, during and after a cosmetic procedure – promoting faster recovery times and improved outcomes. After all my years practicing cosmetic medicine, I can say confidently that ALASTIN is backed by the most impressive science I’ve ever seen in a skincare product.

We begin the procedure by applying a medical-grade topical numbing cream to the areas of focus, which makes the entire experience virtually painless. Once the numbing cream has taken effect (about an hour later), I am able to quickly and comfortably lay down laser energy on the face, neck and chest using the two different wavelengths. Again – Fraxel is wonderful because it can be used to safely treat areas other than the face. It works especially well treating “necklace lines,” the thin lines that form horizontally on the neck, and sun-damaged skin that is commonly found on the upper chest and cleavage areas. Once I begin, the entire treatment typically takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

As you’ll note in the video, Buffy clearly tolerated the entire experience very well and, like most patients, experienced a warm sensation that she equated to a “light sunburn.” As soon as the treatment was over, we immediately applied ALASTIN Skin Nectar™ on all treated areas to stimulate collagen and elastin production, calm her skin and reduce the appearance of redness. Interestingly, Buffy reported that as soon as the ALASTIN touched her skin, the warm sensation she was experiencing quickly subsided!


Check out her one-week-later results:

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Botaniko Lip Balm is the Best!

October 25, 2016

Botaniko Lip Balm

www. the botaniko lip balm

Lightening Cream Cleanser and Papaya Enzyme Mask

www. the botaniko lip balm

Botaniko's Space in Downtown Birmingham

All Images
Jennifer Hagler Photography

By Buffy York

Sorry I have been MIA from the blog lately, but I’ve been busy.  I just finished up my training to become a Pilates instructor which was a beast, to put it mildly.  I teach at Club Pilates in Cahaba Heights on Monday mornings, Thursday afternoons and every other Sunday.  Come see me.

I have several blog posts planned for the coming months.  Later this week I’ll be posting 5 Fashion Must Haves for the Fall. I’ve also been working as the GC on our master bathroom remodel and it ever gets finished I’ll be posting a blog on it.  Not that I am recommending myself to be anyone’s general contractor. I also got Fraxel on my face, neck and chest from Seiler Skin yesterday and we shot a video of the entire procedure and talked about and amazing new product line called Alastin.  I should have that up in the next month, and Jennifer and I have several shoots planned for recipes and product reviews so stay tuned.

Today’s post has been a long time in the making.  Last winter Deborah Stone reached out to me about her new skincare line Botaniko (read the original post here) and gave me a pot of her lip balm.  I was in love with it and every time I wore it people commented and asked me what type of lipgloss I was wearing.  My hairdresser became obsessed with it and claims it to be the best lip balm ever!  I talked to a couple of my friends who were also ambassadors for Botaniko and everyone was in agreement.  Deborah’s lip balm was the best!  I find it superior to every lip balm I have blogged about in the past including Jo Malone’s Vitamin E Lip Conditioner, Dior’s Crème de Rose Lip Balm and Beauty Counter’s Peppermint Conditioner.  The reason I have waited this long to tell you about it is because for several months Botaniko could not obtain the medical grade lanolin that made the lip balm so awesome.  But now they are back in business with the original formula and you should try it for yourself.  It is all natural and free of any of the junk (i.e. parabens, fragrance etc.) that you find in other lip balms out there.  And while you’re at it, you should totally check out her Lightening Cream Cleanser and Papaya Enzyme Mask.  Two of my favorites!

Botaniko Lip Balm call to order 205-568-7277
Botaniko Lightening Cream Cleanser
Botaniko Papaya Enzyme Mask


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