ChapStick: Not Just For Your Lips

January 13, 2015

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By Buffy York

I have been writing this blog post in my head since a reader commented on the Trind Nail Strengthener post.   I made the comment about how dry my cuticles are and how I have yet to find “the” product to fix the problem.  She suggested regular plain jane ChapStick.  When I read her comment I remembered something I read earlier about using ChapStick as a base for an eyeshadow primer.  I started wondering what else this little $1 tube of magic was good for and I started doing some blog recon.  I found dozens of uses for lip balm and I am listing here the uses that, to me, seem relevant to The Style Gathering readers.  Since it is January and we are all recovering from Christmas expenses (The York’s are on a spending freeze), I thought this would be a great time to do a post on the many uses of a super cheap product that you probably already own.

Chapped Lips (duh!)–Yes ChapStick works on your lips but that is just boring.  Luckily for me I got the Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm in my stocking and hopefully the spending freeze will be lifted long before I run out of this wonder product.  Seriously, for your lips it is the best and I have tried all the expensive lip balms out there:  Bobbi, Jo , and Aerin do not hold a candle to Christian in this department.

Eye Shadow Primer–I first saw this recipe on one of my favorite make-up blogs, Maskcara, and my make-up artist friend Kerri Bunn backed up her claims. This is much less expensive than the Urban Decay brand that I have used in the past.  I have also heard of mixing ChapStick with your powder eyeshadow to make a cream version of your favorite color.

Dry Skin–As Suzy ChapStick used to say “this is reeeeaaal ChapStick weather.”  This freakishly cold weather has done a number on my skin and ChapStick works amazingly to soothe rough dry elbows, knees, knuckles and as I stated above cuticles.  Now if you are just looking for a way to spend money on your dry skin I suggest the Aerin Rose Balm.  I gave my mother a jar for Christmas and every time we talk she raves about it for her dry hands.

Fly-Aways and Frizzy Hair–Just rub a little bit of ChapStick on your fingers and rub on to the ends of your hair and it will get the job done as quick as a swipe of Moroccan Oil.

Eyebrows–I have some crazy long eyebrows that will take a hard right fast and if I forget to use my Anastasia Brow Gel (this stuff is like cement but in a good way) I just use a little bit of ChapStick to get those badboys back in line.  Chapstick is wax-based so it works like a charm.

Shaving Accidents–For minor shaving nicks and small scratches ChapStick will stop the bleeding and soothe the cut or scratch.

Remove a Ring–Too much soy sauce with your sushi?  A little ChapStick around your knuckles will help your ring slide right off.

Keep Skin Free of Hair Dye–Rubbing ChapStick along your hairline before you apply hair color will keep your skin from staining.

Shoe Shine–Nothing is worse that a sharp looking outfit with tired looking shoes.  A little ChapStick rubbed on leather with a cottonball will shine your shoes right up.

There are many more ways you can use lip balm.  Just Google it and you will find more industrial suggestions like, unsticking a zipper and coating shoe strings where they first loop to keep shoes from coming untied. Oh if I had only know this when my children were really little.  Go ahead and splurge on a pack of three for $3.  Keep one in your makeup drawer, one in your car and one in your purse.  I promise they will come in handy.

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    Great article Buffy.

    I am totally headed to not only get Chapstick….but possibly the dior and Aerin products too! You know my hands and lips are always crazy dry!!!! Thanks buff!

    I am a long time chapstick junkie. If you look, you’ll find a stick in most rooms in my house. Morgan keeps one in her backpack and one at school in hopes that she’ll use at least one on her dry lips. Thanks for sharing this “secret”.

    Thanks Nicole for the original idea to do a post on Chapstick. We are addicted at our house too!

    Might be my favorite post to date!! :)

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