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June 23, 2015

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Jennifer Hagler Photography

By Buffy York

Every year before bathing suit season begins I say I am going to give up carbs and carbonated beverages and get a really flat tummy.  Ha!  I like donuts and Diet Mountain Dew and Cheetos  too much to actually make it happen so finding a good bathing suit cover up is key.

I am in love with this one from Target for several reasons.  Number one, I love the style.  Number two, palm prints are all the rage right now (Target you’re the best). Number three, since it is from Target is is very inexpensive, and it also comes in a flamingo print and a black and white print.

Happy Sunning!

wearing:  cover up | hat | beach bag | flip flops | beaded bracelet | gold bracelet | earrings | necklace | watch 

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    Heading to target!!

    Lela, you won’t regret it!! –Buffy

    Unfortunately, when you get to a certain age, cover up shopping becomes more important than bathing suit shopping. Thanks for highlighting some chic, affordable options!!

    Karly, Truer words have never been spoken! –Buffy

    I love that cover-up! You always find the best things! I love it. Jill

    Jill, You need one!–Buffy

    I haven’t seen that at Target! I love it!!!!

    It’s the best!

    Great post! Love the colors!

    Love the shots and a great cover-up. Nice article!

    Thanks Jenni!

    Love these suggestions, headed to now to shop.

    Leah, You gotta love Target. They know what we want. –Buffy

    So cute! I’m packing for the beach now and my beach bag is all ready to go thanks to your post a few weeks ago!

    Thanks for reading Amanda. I am totally digging my beach bag being so organized this year too! Have fun at the beach. –Buffy

    Catching up on the Blog during vacation….congratulations on one year! You do an amazing job Buffy!

    Thanks Andi! Enjoy your vacay and thanks for taking The Style Gathering along! –Buffy

    I hope Target still has these!

    Elana, When I posted this last week they had them in stock on line. So bummed they are no longer available. Try in your store. I hope you find one.–Buffy

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