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August 14, 2014

dry shampoo dry shampoo

when I polled my friends Rene Furterer was the fan fave

several of the dry shampoos available at Sephora

drug store brand dry shampoos and my personal fave Psssst.

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By Buffy York

You can make many assumptions about me but the most accurate one would be for you to assume that my hair is dirty.  Seriously, I wash my hair about every four or five days.  It happens so infrequently and has become such an event, that I am now one of those women who declines social invitations because “I have to wash my hair.”  Not really, but I did decide a couple of years ago to start washing my hair less for several reasons:  1) I have alot of hair that takes about 30 minutes just to dry so this cuts down on my “getting ready” time,  2) my keratin treatment lasts longer and my color doesn’t fade as quickly,  3) it is just better for my hair.

I know you are reading this saying there is no way you could do this because your hair is greasy or you sweat or whatever, but I didn’t go from zero to 60 in one day.  In fact I remember the first time I got a keratin treatment and having to go to work on about hour 65 of my 72 hour shampoo ban.  People asked me if I was feeling alright.  I looked like a grease pit.  But, you can train your scalp to produce less oil. As Nick Saban says, it’s a “process.”  Most people think they have to wash their hair everyday because their hair is oily.  In reality hair becomes oily because we wash it everyday.  Scrubbing our scalp is just like scrubbing the skin on our face.  Excessive washing stimulates oil glands to make up for the moisture we strip from our skin.

Here is how I went from washing my hair one to two times a day to washing it one to two times a week.  First thing you need to do is buy some dry shampoo and we will cover a few different brands in a sec.  Next wash your hair every other day for two weeks then stretch it to every three days for two weeks.  After a month you will notice a difference in how oily your hair is between washings.  You are going to have a few oil slick moments during this anti-shampoo bootcamp and this is where the dry shampoo comes in.  Everyone’s hair is a different texture and color so you have to figure out which one is right for you.  When I polled some of my friends as to their favorite I found it interesting that most of the ladies who resonponded were blonde.  I think brunettes shy away because they are afraid of the residue it leaves behind.  With the explosion of dry shampoo on the market today, several brands make formulations for brunettes, but I am as brunette as they come and I have been a faithful follower of the oldest one on the shelf, Psssst.

My method of using dry shampoo when I need a freshen up goes like this:
I spray the roots of my hair with a little dry shampoo.
I flip my hair over and hit the area sprayed with a hairdryer and flip my head back.
I rub it in with my fingers and then get to styling. Dirty hair holds a style so much better than clean.

I am not here to tell you which brand is best and what you should go buy because as I said before everyone is different.  There may be some trial and error involved, but I asked a few friends their favorites and this is what I got.

Salon Brands
Rene Furterer $27 (the hands down fave)
I found this at Oak Street Hair Group in Birmingham
Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder $26
Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo $25
Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo $20
Alterna Cleanse Extend $22
all available at Sephora and they will let you sample in the store

Drug Store Brands
Psssst $3 (the “come back kid” and my personal favorite)
Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo $6
Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo $6
Suave Professionals $3 (not pictured) My stylist friend Kerri Bunn recently did a dry shampoo post on her blog, BomaBeautiful,  and she is a big fan.
all available at Walgreen’s 

Please weigh in and make a comment below on your favorite dry shampoo and this article.  The Style Gathering has been around a whopping two months now and I would love to know what your favorite posts have been and what you would like to see from us in the future.
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    I used to wash my hair Every. Single. Day. And then I became a mom. I have thick, naturally wavy/curly hair that I mostly straighten. It just doesn’t need it every day.

    My usual is every other day now, but I can stretch it to three. I do have the Suave Professionals dry shampoo under my sink right now! I love it! I don’t always have to use it, but it does help! Especially on those weeks when I stretch it to three days.

    I totally agree with Buffy that anyone can do this, but you have to train your hair and scalp (even blondes). My favorite is Kenra. And I only wash my hair 2x week.

    I am still made of fun of by my college buds for putting baby powder in my hair to stretch the washings a couple of days. This was pre PSSSSTT days.

    You are amazingly funny and I miss you on our runs and in my life. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us in so many ways…….from food to fashion. Think my fav is this one, but loved the peach post and figs—–and nail polish….

    I love suave, just used it this morning. It’s great. I’ve tried salon brands, but I always go back to suave, not too powdery and has a fabulous scent.

    I have been advocating dry shampoo for years!! My favorite is Batiste. You can find it at Sally’s Beauty, but I usually find it for half the price at T.J.Maxx! They make it for blondes, brunettes and just the regular stuff too. You are so right about it being a process. You have to train your scalp! When I first starting using it, I had to use it every day to lose the greasy look, but after your scalp gets the hang of it, you use it less and less. Don’t get grossed out, but I only wash my hair 2 to 3 times a month now and probably only use dry shampoo about 4 times. (I also have thick hair and don’t sweat much when I workout, so these things help as well.) Less blow drying, dyeing, stripping essential nutrients and I never have split ends. I can go 6 months without a trim and it still looks great!

    Buffy- what about really thin (non oily) hair? I’ve tried the dry shampoo before and I felt like it made my hair look even dirtier. It made it feel heavy and limp and I felt like it made it look darker. Advice on this one??

    Love this Post Buffy! Im on the run 24/7 with my littke ones and who has time to fix hair!? This dry shampoo boot camp is what I need….think Ill start with PSST and go from there. Are all the smells pretty much the same?

    I am going to work on the “process”. (I love the Saban reference.) I like to use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Even though it isn’t a dry shampoo, it gives my hair a boost after not washing it for a couple days.

    I have been hiding the fact that I wash my hair once a week. Thanks for making me realize I’m not alone! My husband always asks if I have to Wash My Hair. It’s a thing. It takes at least an hour to wash, dry and either straighten or curl (or both!)my thick, long, downright unruly mane. Bed Head OH Bee Hive is the dry shampoo that I find works best on dark hair.Heading out for a Keratin today . . . relief is in sight!

    I have always been afraid to try Dry. Thanks for the heads up!! Great post!!!

    I ❤️B&B Pret-a-powder. My personal fav, and UO has a travel size set of Batiste that is a must and comes in fun scents and shades for dark or light. My favs are your fashion posts and product posts. I’m dying to get some shark tooth accessories now b/c of your blog!

    Ran and picked up the Batiste for Brunettes, stay tuned!!!!

    Buffy I love your blog so much, and so do my girls!! The pics are beautiful, your posts are very helpful and Laura of course brings me to tears. After working at East all day, I look to your blog for a “pick me up” !!! Thanks for all of your hard work, I’m definitely your biggest fan!! Love you!

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