Elle is the New Black

not really but it is the new Laura Kathryn

October 2, 2014

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By Buffy York

I have been consistently shopping at Laura Kathryn since I graduated from college in the early 90’s.  My sorority sister, Laura Vogtle and her mom, Kathryn Keith opened the doors the same year.  I was working my first real job at The American Heart Association and my boss at the time, Jean “the machine” Morrison, taught me that investing in a few designer pieces can really upgrade a wardrobe made up mostly of clothes from stores more fitting for my non-profit salary.

Leslie Pittman bought Laura Kathryn in 2008 about the time the recession hit.  The bank actually called her on the day of the closing to tell her they were unsure if it would all go down because of the financial crisis taking place at the time.  It did all happen and Leslie kept the name Laura Kathryn in order to maintain consistency for the boutique’s fatithfuls, but a few changes needed to take place for Leslie to stay in business.  She has succeeded in maintaining the higher end boutique feel with unique pieces, and only buys limited numbers of each style.  However, Leslie knew she had to incorporate lines into her inventory that were friendly to ladies on a budget.  Laura Kathryn has survived and thrived through the recession but continues to offer unique fashions at prices that don’t require you to hide the credit card bill from your husband.

Last month Leslie decided it was time for a change.  She has owned her boutique for six years and rebranding was in order.  It was time to give it a name of her own.  Tonight Leslie and her associate Becca invite you to meet Elle.  Elle carries all of the brands we are used to with new additions like Elizabeth & James eyewear and Ceri Hoover handbags out of Nashville.  Jocelyn Fur, a line of fabulous furs under $300, and PPLA, a contemporary line from LA, also will be debuting at Elle.  Elle continues to be a go to spot for me when I am looking for something a little different.  All of the related article listed below feature an article of clothing or accessory from Elle and are all paired with an inexpensive piece from Target or H&M which is in keeping with shopping the way my first boss taught me.  Investing in unique key pieces from boutiques like Elle can make your $12 shorts from Forever 21 look fab!

Celebrate with Leslie for the Opening of
Tonight, October 2
61 Church Street Crestline Village
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    Love the article! Plan to stop by tonight! Congrats Elle!

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