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February 16, 2015

full well-groomed eyebrows give a more youthful appearance

Sabria Celaj, The Eyebrow Guru, prefers tweezing to all other methods

Sabria's tools

these brows are way too thin for Sabria's taste but this is a good guideline for where your brows should begin and end

By Buffy York

Last week I was in New York with Tim, and while he was busy in meetings all day I planned a much anticipated and much needed rendevous with Sabria Celaj, the Eyebrow Guru.  She is the best in New York City.  We found each other through Instagram, and one Saturday last fall we noticed we were both in Tuscaloosa for a football game. (The power of social media.)  We then started a super modern Insta friendship and I told her the next time I was in NYC I would hunt her down for an expert brow shaping.  I’m pretty particular about my brows and these days good thick eyebrows are as en vogue as quinoa and kale.   Unfortunately many of us over-plucked and over waxed our way through the 90’s and left ourselves with only a version of our natural eyebrow shape.  Like our lashes and lips, our eyebrows thin over time and, like thick lashes and full lips, a nicely shaped full brow gives us a more youthful appearance.  So what to do?  Sabria tells us to stop over-plucking and leave the wax out of the equation completely.

When Sabria and I sat down together she first analyzed the shape of my face and brows and immediately noticed one of my brows was far more arched than the other.  (This is the brow that with just the right, or wrong, amount of Botox, I can look very interested and very surprised in what you are saying.)  The first thing to do was use a Paul and Joe Eyebrow Pencil to outline the shape she wanted to achieve for my brows.  Sabria does not like to use stencils and her natural talent for shaping brows to best fit your face is what sets her apart.  She feels that no two women are alike and using stencils achieves a less than natural look.  The next step was to trim my brows with old-fashioned embroidery scissors, and then she plucked the brows that strayed outside of her guidelines with Tweezerman tweezers.  She prefers tweezing to waxing because it is more controlled and wax tends to take too much of the brow away.  Waxing isn’t much help in the battle of wrinkles either.  The last step is to fill in areas using the Paul and Joe Eyebrow Pencil again to cover up sparse areas.  For me filling in is the most crucial step.  I would rather leave my house with a bare face and my eyebrows filled in than to don a full face of make-up with un-kept brows.  It makes that big of a difference.

When planning your next trip to The Big Apple, before you make the first dinner reservation or buy the first show tickets, stop plucking and make an appointment with Sabria.  Her studio is located on East 78th between Park and Madison on the Upper East Side.  You will not be disappointed and it will honestly give you a fresher and more youthful version of yourself than any spa treatment can achieve in 30 minutes.

The last image above is a good guideline to use when plucking your own or to share with your own Eyebrow Guru.  These brows were not done by Sabria (they are far too thin to be her work), but these are the lines she told me to follow when maintaining my own brows.  #1 is the area where I have been led astray for many years.  Lining up the start of your brow with the center of your nostril versus the outer edge of your nose (as I used to be told to do) will frame your eyes better and help to achieve a full well groomed brow.

“Properly groomed and arched brows can do for some women what they pay plastic surgeons for.”  –Sabria Celaj

Sabria’s Brows
39 East 78th Street (between Park and Madison)
(914) 330-4084
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    I will def be making an appt….now to plan a return trip ti NYC!!!! :)

    This makes me want to plan a trip to NYC ASAP!

    Buff – I am so glad that you pointed out step #1. Even though I looked at where the lines were pointing on her face I scrolled down too quickly to see where they started. Who knew?? I have always heard outer edge of your nose too. Thanks for getting me in the know!

    Buffy, what do I do when my natural brow doesn’t start so close to the center of my nose? There’d be a lot of penciling! Ha!!

    I want an appointment!

    I wish she was here!

    She is coming to Fabrik in Homewood April 16-18. You must make an appointment!

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