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June 20, 2014

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By Buffy York

In order to launch a lifestyle blog you need content and what better way to create content than to throw a makeup party?  So, to kick off The Style Gathering I called my friend Kerri Bunn to give a group of my friends a lesson in fresh makeup.  Kerri is crazy beautiful and talented.  She did the makeup for my wedding (the second one) and once did a wardrobe consult that gave me a fresh outlook on most of the clothes hanging in my closet.  She wears many hats as a photo stylist, make-up artist, esthetician and youth minister.  All in all she is a good one to have in your Rolodex.

When Kerri and I first talked about doing this her goal was to empower us to confidently walk up to the cosmetics counter in a department store and make our own choices.   How many times have you gone for the “free” gift or the “free” makeup consult and come home with a face full/bag full of makeup that for the day makes you feel gorgeous, but it is a look you can never recreate.   You are then left with a bathroom drawer that looks like a makeup graveyard.  If you haven’t done this…I have done it for you…twice…a year.

Kerri taught us to invest in your staples such as primers and brushes and maybe one yearly splurge.  But for seasonal lip, eye and cheek color go with reasonably priced items.  So to create a soft pretty look on my friend Vicki Yeilding, Kerri started with a Stila eyeshadow primer then used the NYX Adorable eyeshadow palette to create a beautiful blend of pinks and light browns.  She then lined her eyes with the Loreal Voluminous eyeliner in black.  Kerri says she uses black eyeliner day and night and this applicator is like a felt tip pen making it easy to control the thickness of the line.  She  smudged the liner with a Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush and finished her eyes with NYX Fly With Me mascara in Black.  (go to Kerri’s blog for more of her favorite mascara picks)  For Vicki’s cheeks she used Covergirl blush in Natural Rose and topped it off with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick.  To give this fresh look a dewy finish she rubbed a little bit of Laura Mercier’s Secret Finish between her fingers and dabbed it on Vicki’s entire face. She looked beautiful.

It was such a fun day and we all appreciated how Kerri used products all over the board.  She combines drugstore and department store products to create a beautiful and affordable look.  She encouraged us all to experiment with different types of makeup that won’t break the bank or give you buyer’s remorse.  Several of us field tripped it to Ulta the day after the party and discovered the NYX line of cosmetics.  It is amazing, extensive and cheap.




    LOVE LOVE LOVE Kerri!!!! What a great idea and great tips!!!!

    I want an invite to the next makeup party! Love playing makeup! Have you done Birchbox or Ipsy?

    I will let you know the next time we have one. I have never done Birch Box or Ipsy. I subscribe to the New Beauty Test Tube and have discovered some great products through that. I should probably check out the others. I have friends that love both.

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