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September 25, 2014

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By Buffy York

It is just that time of the year in Alabama when all conversations seem to center around football.  The meteorologists talk about game day weather, the men talk about the players and coaches, co-eds talk about who their date to the game might be and women talk about what they are going to wear.  This really is my favorite time of the year.  The first day of fall was this week and we are all but having a cold snap here in Birmingham as the temperatures have barely reached into the 80’s.  We may not be busting out the hand warmers yet but the boots and jackets are starting to make an appearance and what better place to show off your new fall fashions than Bryant Denny or Jordan Hare.  I am an Alabama fan all day long so I have teamed up with The Pants Store to show you a couple of looks that would work great for a trip down to T-town.  However, if you are yelling “War Eagle” this weekend don’t stop reading just yet.  Head over to my friend Heather’s blog for her Auburn game day look on My Life Well Loved.

Whenever I am trying to put together an outfit in my head for a Saturday during football season there are a few things I take into consideration.

1.  I am a fashion over function kinda girl all day long, but making the commitment to pre-game tailgate, watch the game and post-game tailgate really is “all day long.”  When I was in school we wore Laura Ashley sailor dresses and Travel Buff panty hose to the game because in the South we dress up.  I am slighly older than 18 now and I am not suggesting that you deck out in your Sunday best, but just in case you run into an old college crush you still want to look nice.  I just try to be a little more sensible as far as comfort goes.  Jeans are a go-to for me because they are comfy and go with everything and they really are the new black pant.  The Pants Store has an amazing selection of premium denim right now.
2.  While a jersey or houndstooth will not don my body on game day, I try to support my team in slighly more subdued ways.  I do love this red shirt from The Pants Store Game Day Label, but I think the leopard belt and crossbody purse tone down what could read “Bammer.”  I also love to support my team by wearing subtle tastful jewelry like this tiny elephant necklace and this watch stamped with the state of Alabama.
3.  Even if you have the best parking pass on campus more than likely a decent amount of walking is involved in tailgate hopping, visiting fraternity and sorority houses and eventually landing back at the stadium.  I don’t even care if you catch a ride into the stadium on the ghost of Bear Bryant’s back you need sensible shoes because, if you are a decent fan, you will stand on your feet for most of the game.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a heel as good as anyone (I think I am 5’10”), but for game day I go for a wedge or a block heel that gives me a decent amount of height but won’t kill me feet.
4.  As we move more into fall and the temperatures continue to fluctuate layering with vests or jackets or scarves is key.  Standing under the beautiful oak trees found on many college campuses or tailgate tents can be chilly but if your seats are in the sun a mild fall day can turn into a scorcher, only to cool off again once the sun goes down.  I even like how layering with this moto inspired jacket completely transforms this look.

The Pants Store Game Day Label blouse | Flying Monkey skinny jeans from The Pants Store | Kut from the Kloth mixed media jacket from The Pants Store  | hoop earrings, State of Alabama watch, pendant necklace all from The Pants Store | Target leopard belt | Dolce Vita over the knee boots | Maya Brenner initial necklace | elephant necklace from Regina at Gus Mayer

The Pants Store has an amazing selection of great looking clothes at even better price points.  They even have their own Game Day label with tons of tops, skirts, dresses and outerwear in crimson & white and orange & blue.  They are located in Leeds, Trussville, Mountain Brook an Tuscaloosa.  Call 205-868-1616 to inquire about any of The Pants Store items I am wearing in this post.



    Love the outfit and the Bama subtleties are so classy! RTR friend.

    Thanks Jodi, I’m loving this elephant necklace. Says I’m a Bama fan in the right way!

    Buffy, this outfit looks killer on you. Swooning over the boots.

    Thank you Heather. Is there anything better than a Saturday in the fall? Dressing up for game day is so fun!

    super cute!!!! Gameday a are always best when we are together buff!!! Even if I am not a “bammer!”

    Roll Tide! Love the blog!

    Buffy – love this outfit!

    And side note: your hair always looks awesome. You have got those loose waves nailed. Got any secrets you can share with us?

    Marjorie I use a Remington wand I bought at Target. It takes a little practice but it is My favorite way to do my hair because it doesn’t have to look perfect and still looks pretty good. Also the dirtier my hair the better the curl holds. I seriously dislike washing my hair.

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