Gift Guide for Dad

June 14, 2015

Gift Guide for Dad

By Buffy York

I have been telling you I was going to post a Father’s Day Gift Guide since last week when I told you about the Dollar Shave Club.  My expert ability to procrastinate and the fact that the men in my life are really hard to buy for has me finally getting this Gift Guide for Dad to you the week of Father’s Day.  Coming up with creative gifts for Dad is hard so I have pulled ideas past gifts that I have given Tim and my dad to compile this list.

.01  Dad’s Playbook–This is a collection of quotes from famous coaches that inspire dads to motivate, mentor, discipline and love their children.  Perfect for any sports obsessed dad, the author takes the wisdom of these coaches and applies it to fatherhood.

.02  Nixon Leather Strap Watch–This watch reminds me of the Shinola watches I discovered at Bromberg’s last fall but at a fraction of the cost.

.03  Bluetooth Speaker–We are a family that loves music playing in the background and between Tim and the 4 kids we have had some jacked up looking Bluetooth speakers.  I kid you not when I tell you we had not one, but two teddy bear Bluetooth speakers.  I love this speaker because it has a ton of extra features and it is also great looking.

.04  Charles Ellis Pocket Squares–I love it when a man wears a pocket square.  To me it just finishes the look. When Tim and I first got married it took a while for the accountant in him to give in and finally embrace my need for him to wear one.  I have purchased several for him from Shaia’s in Birmingham not really paying attention to who the designers were.  I met Chad Ellis of Charles Ellis Sartorial about a year ago and after looking at his work I realized the first pocket square I purchased for Tim was one of his designs.  His bespoke Sartorial line can be purchased in Birmingham at several locations and his ready to wear line can be found online at  Both lines are amazing and made in Alabama using the finest craftsmanship and materials.

.05  Clarisonic Face Brush–I guess Clarisonic finally caught on to the fact that our husbands are secretly using ours and decided to make one in black just for them.

.06  Leather Bound Journal–Tim is dedicated to writing in his journal.  He has written in it daily as long as I have known him.  Last year for Christmas I decided it was time to up his game with a leather journal.  He tells me it is one of his favorite gifts.

.07  Yeti Soft Sided Cooler–Yeti Coolers keep ice frozen for a freakishly long time, but the traditional ones are heavy.  These soft-sided ones are much lighter and still get the job done.  We gave one to my dad last Christmas and he loves it.

.08  Portable Electric Razor–Because sometimes you get in a hurry and need to “groom on the go.” I should probably add one of these to my Beach Bag Essentials.

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    Don’t forget You featured them before. I just ordered a 16×16 print of VCC for my hubby for Father’s Day! They have lots of cool items and can create just about anything.

    I thought about putting it on there again but I wanted to keep it fresh! I am so glad you got the map of VCC. That is too cool. I love that idea!

    Brian is going to have a fabulous Father’s Day due to all of these great ideas!! Speaker and charger are getting ordered this morning…and maybe the watch!

    I’m so glad you like the list! I think I am going to buy the speaker for me, I mean Tim!

    Love your gift ideas! So often my Fathe’s Day shopping list is all purchased at the Mountain Brook ABC Store! Hope to see you and Tim at our tailgate on the Quad soon- Blake is already watching old Alabama football games!

    No shame in a nice gift from the ABC store! –Roll Tide!

    Great article! I am struggling with ideas for my dad and love the Yeti cooler idea.

    I was in Birmingham the week before Fathers Day. We were up from Mobile dropping off a camper. Squeezing in a “quick” shopping trip. I remembered your post and stopped by Shaia’s. I picked up a pocket a Charles Ellis pocket square!! A great gift for my husband. He loved it!! Still new to your blog. Truly LOVE following you.

    This makes me so happy. So glad to be of assistance and Charles Ellis is the best. Good Choice!

    Thanks for the ideas for Father’s Day! I always struggle with what to buy! Fabulous!

    Hey Buffy!
    I love all of your ideas! I was wondering what you used to create the gift board?
    Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah Elizabeth,
    I use Photoshop. It has taken me a while to learn it but the more I use it the better I get. Do you have any suggestions for better software? –Buffy

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