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November 28, 2014

By Buffy York

I do not pretend to be the expert on gift giving for men, but last week after I posted a Gift Guide for Coeds a few people asked me to do one for men.  Both my dad and my husband, like most men, are hard to buy for.  If they want something they tend to buy it for themselves.  Good for them…they work hard.  However, this makes shopping for them difficult.  The list of gift suggestions for boys/guys/men below is just a place for you to get ideas.  Some are splurges so I have also given you links to more affordable options as well.

1.  Moscow Mule copper mug
The Moscow Mule is the new Mojito except it is way cooler for men to drink and it comes with its own special mug.  A copper mug makes everything super cold so of course your libation is going to taste better.

2.  Shinola watch
Watches in general are very nice gifts to give a man and if your are hesitant to give your teen such a present you should read my post on The Watch Store and see what a friend of mine had to say about a watch his dad bought him when he was 16.  Shinola watches are made in Detroit with Swiss Technology and this company is doing its part to bring pride back to American manufacturing. If you live in Birmingham you can see Shinola watches in person at Bromberg’s.  Nixon leather strap watch | Michael Kors leather strap watch

3.  Engravable belt buckle
It doesn’t matter how old you are, every guy needs a leather belt with an engraved belt buckle.  It is elegant and simple and since their initials will never change it is timeless.

4.  The Art of Shaving elements of shaving kit
What is better than an smooth freshly shaved face? Winston shave cream set | Dollar Shave Club

5.  City Prints stadium map
City Prints is a company out of Charlotte, NC that makes fine art map prints of university campuses, ballparks, collegiate stadiums and worldwide cities.  The maps are printed on paper, reclaimed wood, cuff links and coasters.

6.  Things Every Man Should Know
As it says this little pocket guide has a quick chapter on everything a guy needs to know from how to tie the perfect knot or bow tie to giving a toast or throwing a punch.  It is a perfect stocking stuffer for all ages.

7.  Stay Well Kept Wipes
I seem to mention these a lot but these little wipes come in handy to wipe the smudges off of cell phones and sunglasses, and for the hunter, binocular and scope lenses.  They also come in camo packaging.

8.  Weekender
Because there comes a point when the athletic bag just doesn’t cut it. Jack and Mulligan duffle | Brixton Bixby duffle

9.  Yeti tumbler
Everyone knows that owning a Yeti cooler not only keeps your drinks cooler longer than conventional coolers, but it also makes the owner look cooler.  However, a Yeti is heavy, and it is hard to carry around all the time.  It is much easier to carry your “cool” around with this handy little tumbler.

10.  Garden and Gun Southerner’s Handbook
Folks seem to be obsessed with all things Southern so Garden and Gun Magazine has put together a compilation of more than 100 instructional and narrative essays offering a comprehensive tutorial to modern-day life in the South.  I probably need to get one for myself just to make sure we are doing things the “Southern” way in casa de York.

11.  BlueTooth tracking tag
I wish I had all of the time back that I have spent in my lifetime seaching for my keys.  This tracking tag simply secures to your items that keep getting lost throughout the house (your iPad, the remote, keys, wallet), then you are able to find them at a moment’s notice with the Bluetooth technology and the free downloadable app. This little wonder also works both ways! Just touch the alert button on the tag to locate your phone in minutes.

12.  Royal Highnies boxer shorts
These are quite the splurge, but according to those who own them they are all that!  A friend of mine tells the story of her father-in-law’s luggage being lost compliments of the airlines, and the only thing he was concerned about were his Royal Highnies.

13.  Embossed Leather phone case
Rugged, goodlooking and can be embossed with your guy’s initials.

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    Great ideas!! I’m about to start ordering from your list!! Thanks Buffy!

    Thanks Lela. You certainly have plenty of boys to buy for.

    WOW! Buffy these are excellent ideas!!!!

    Thanks Joanna. I am glad you found it helpful.

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