Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Little Diva

February 2, 2016

gift guide for the diva

By Buffy York

We have several divas living under the roof of Casa de York, but this gift guide is really more focused on the youngest.  Alice will be turning nine this month and between her birthday and Valentine’s Day, she has no shortage of wants.  Coming up with ideas for this gift guide was a breeze.

Several of the items below Alice has and would stockpile if she could (she is my hoarder).  She loves the smell of the BeautyCounter Body Wash and wants every design of the Living Royal Socks.  She also told me she wants the fur keychain to hang off of her backpack.  I guess 13 Beanie Boos and 7 Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers is not enough, and I can only imagine how many Shopkins she could fit in this cosmetic bag.

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.01 Cosmetic Bag | .02 Faux Prada Sunglasses | .03 Faux Chanel Chain Bag | .04 Living Royal Socks | .05 Scented Microbead Pillow | .06 Body Wash | .07 Pajama Pants | .08 Fur Key Chain | .09 Emoji Microbead Pillow | .10 3 Minute Devotional for Girls



    I can’t believe Butter is turning 9! This post makes me miss my 9 year old little girl turned 17 year old college freshman. I’m so glad she loves her Beautycounter Body Wash – she has good taste (and smell). Somehow I think she may be a clone of her mother:)

    Wait – wrong child! Elinor is 19, not 17!

    I’ll forward this to my sister in law! She has a 9 year old daughter!! If you do a gift guide for teen boys, let me know!! I have 3!

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