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April 29, 2015

mothers day gift guide

By Buffy York

While I certainly have my moments, on most days I consider myself to be below an 8 “crazy” on the Hot/Crazy Matrix.  The “below eight” reasonable side of me knows that my accountant husband is not a mind reader.  I can wish until my wisher breaks, but if I don’t drop very specific hints he is never going to know exactly what I want for any given holiday.  With Mother’s Day approaching it is the perfect time to put together another Gift Guide, not only to help you with what to buy your mom, but also to throw it all out there in the open.  These are some of the things on my wish list babe.
You’re Welcome.

1 | Leather Bound Journal–I am not a digital note taker.
2 | Gold Plated Fit Bit–I want to be like everyone else, just a little more stylish.
3 | Lip Balm–My absolute favorite and I am out.
4 | Stand Mixer–After 13 years mine just bit the dust.
5 | Turkish Beach Towel–How cool are these?
6 | Cross Body Bag–Blush and perforated. . .perfectly on trend.
7 | Tortoise Shell Sunglasses–Just because they look cool.
8 | Aerin Hand Cream–I am almost out.
9 | Jo Malone Body Wash–I need some in reserve.
10 | Roberto Coin Initial Necklace–So don’t need this but I like it.
11 | Mar y Sol Beach Bag–I have been eyeing these for a few years.
12 | Lush Bath Bomb–These are just fun.
13 | Marble Iphone Case–Lemme lemme upgrade.

Happy Mama’s Day

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    So true . . . I have already told Rich a list of 3 options for Mother’s Day. Thanks to this list I can add a few more. Thanks Buffy!

    Luckily, this came to Brian’s email! Great ideas..I want that marble phone case and the fit bit! And Heather, thanks for all of your fabulous grad gift ideas!

    I love that stylish fit bit cover….so need to get one of those along with the fit bit :)

    Wonderful gift ideas!

    Thanks Juliet, Men are the hardest to buy for! If they want it they buy it. Trying to come up with a few ideas with a little wow factor!.–Buffy

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