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January 27, 2015

valentine's Day gift guide

By Buffy York

I have adopted the belief that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for the ladies.  It is the day that our significant others should step up and make it all about us.  As women, we are still recovering from our Thanksgiving and Christmas duties and Valentine’s is our day.  Tim learned this about me the hard way our very first Valentine’s Day together.

He was actually supposed to be in Orlando for a conference, not to return until after the “Day of Cupid,” giving me plenty of time to get him a small but meaningful gift and a card.  But as luck would have it, that year we had an ice storm in Birmingham.  As ice storms tend to do in the South, it shut our city down.  He was unable to get a flight out of town and I couldn’t get to Walgreen’s to get a card.  Two days after the storm hit we finally made it it dinner and of course, he had planned way ahead and showered me with wonderful gifts and one funny, one sweet and one ridiculous card.  Me?  I had nothing, nada, zilch.  At this point Walgreen’s had reopened,  but who had time to get a card when there was sledding and riding around on four wheelers and hanging out in large groups at your friend’s house eating chili and drinking wine to do?  Since I had not yet shared my Valentine’s beliefs with Tim, he was slightly underwelmed with my efforts, or lack there of.

All of that being said Valentine’s Day isn’t some huge holiday for me and I am not going to become irrational if Tim doesn’t come through with what I want or think I need, or plan any elaborate events.  Honestly, if your boyfriend’s or husband’s efforts on this one day make or break the way you feel about him, y’all have bigger fish to fry.  However, I have thrown together a couple of ideas that would be fun gifts to receive and aren’t too over the top.  All the items listed besides the handbag are around $100 or less.  Totally reasonable.

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Mark and Graham Monogrammed Leather Gloves
Shalla Wista Studio Kaylee Earrings
You may be sick of seeing these earrings on this site but I had to include them because they are now available in rose gold.  I wear mine daily.
Tom Ford Nail Lacquer
When it comes to more expensive nail polish, I typically try to find a dupe in the same color from a less expensive brand, but if you want to be on the beginning of a trend just jump on the Tom Ford train.  His nail lacquers are richly pigmented and all others fall just a little short in their efforts to mimic these super current hues.
Scarlet and Gold Tattletale iPhone Case
This is just cute.
bkr Water Bottle
I am on the “drink a gallon of water a day for 30 days” kick.  Normally a water bottle would not make a gift guide but I am thinking more about water consumption than normal as it has become my full-time job.  These environmentally friendly water bottles are as responsible as they are fashionable, and have become a beauty must have with the Hollywood set.
Aerin Rose Balm
I gave this to my mom for Christmas and she cannot stop talking about how much she loves it for her hands.
Kissing in the Kitchen: The Romantic Comedy Cookbook for Couples
Gigi New York Tote
I love the shape of this tote and it comes in a variety of colors.
Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt
Her latest scent is my favorite to date.  It comes in a cologne, hand and body wash, body creme and a candle.  Yes Please.
Jane Austen Book Set
This is a beautiful boxed set for the hopeless romantic.
I Love You, Ronnie:  The Letters from Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan
Such a sweet book of Ronald Reagan’s love letters to Nancy.  I read this several years ago and we could all only hope for a relationship like those two shared.
Aerin Rose Hand and Body Cream
$40 and worth every penny.  It smells wonderful, absorbs right in to your skin and stays on even after you wash your hands.
Bobbi Brown Nude Eyeshadow Pallette
I am a long time Bobbi faithful.  It all started for me with the eyeshadow colors Stone, Bone and Mahogany.  This is the closest all-in-one pallette I have seen to my original faves.  It contains Stone, Ivory, Cement and Espresso.  (I’m not suggesting that anyone give cheap eyeshadow for a gift but this NYX pallette is a great knock-off.  As long as I use primer I am not afraid of cheap eyeshadow.)

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    I have/ looooove the book “I love you, Ronnie” I love that man. I had such a crush when i was little. Great book Buffy!!

    My husband gave me the Wood Sage and Sea Salt for my birthday, and I love it! I might have had to tear out a magazine ad and put it on his bedside table, but he got the message : ) Also, love those earrings! I’ll have to check out that line!

    I love Wood Sage and Sea Salt too! You need to check into Shalla Wista Jewelry. I have those earrings in gold, silver and now rose gold and I love them.

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