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April 11, 2015

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By Buffy York

Lately I have found myself signing up to do things and not having a clue what to expect and certainly not being able to predict the outcome.  For example, this little blog thing I have going.  When I started blogging I had no clue the amount of planning and time and effort it would take just to do one post.  On days that we are shooting recipes, I have often thought I am doing the jobs of a full magazine staff, from creating the shopping list to photo styling.  While I am a professional grocery shopper, photo styling is not my strong suit.  I happened to run across a post on The Nest’s Instagram feed about a photo styling workshop taught by Ginny Au that would take place in Birmingham. I decided to broaden my skill set and sign up for the class.

I coaxed a few of my friends into taking the class as well and we showed up at The Nest on one of those crazy cold “Late Start” days we had in Alabama back in March.  Again, not knowing what to expect, we cruised in to find ourselves surrounded with professional photographers, wedding coordinators and magazine stylists from around the state, and one of our classmates had flown in from Chicago just take Ginny Au‘s one day workshop.  As if I wasn’t aware yet that this was not your average class, Ginny started to speak in her perfectly cool British accent.  Ginny is a big deal and it was all coming clear that I might have been slightly out of my league when she started telling us how she is a super selective wedding stylist who only works with 3 or 4 brides a year to set the tone of their weddings.  Typically these are destination weddings, and by destination I am not talking about a Sandals resort in Jamaica.  Most of the weddings Ginny styles take place across the pond, and as you can see from her style in the photos above she likes to keep things simple and elegant, yet deconstructed.

After an hour or so of Ginny sharing her styling philosophy she broke us into groups and charged us with styling our own table setting and invitation suite as well as working with a model.  Ginny challenged us to break out of our comfort zone and leave perfection at the door.  Using linen table cloths and napkins and handmade silk ribbon from Ginny’s own company, beautiful flowers and the most amazing collection of props, my partners and I worked to create the settings for the photographs above.  I could not begin to tell you the process of what we created, other than to let you know there was lots of moving things around and lots of trial and error.  Overall it was an amazing day and I am so glad I was a part of it.  I hope you enjoy the photographs above as much as we enjoyed styling them.

One of my partners was Sidney Bragiel who is a prop designer and photo stylist for Celebrate Magazine.  Sidney also blogs at Sidney the Stylist, and after spending the day together, laughing at ourselves and drawing inspiration from each other, we decided to each blog about our experiences.  Check out Sidney’s post here.  



    These pictures are absolutely stunning!!

    How fab, Buffy! Sounds like an awesome opportunity.

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