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July 28, 2014

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By Buffy York


I love everything about a party.  As my own daughters get older, I realize that there are only a few more years of big birthday parties.  So, when a friend asked me to do her twins’ birthday party last year, that’s when I decided to go through with my dream of becoming an event planner.  Like my friend, I realized that many parents want to give their children a memorable party, but simply lack the time it takes to coordinate every detail.

The event that I am featuring today is a “Glamp Out.”  While a camp out may be an appropriate birthday party for a boy, it may not be the best idea for a girl.  Yet, why do boys get to have all the fun of a camp out?  The trick is take all the classic perks of a camp out, add some style, glamour, and creativity, and you have a party that any girl would love.  We turned an ordinary camp out into an extraordinary “Glamp Out.”

My formula for a successful birthday party is tried and true. First, we establish a theme that is ideal for your birthday boy or girl.  The most important thing to me is doing an individualized party that fit your child’s personality.  Once, we have the perfect theme, then we come up with the decorations, food, activities and party favors to make it unique.  For instance, here is how we took the theme of a “Glamp Out” and made it a huge success.


My favorite part of a party is styling the food and dessert table.  We always use a board for the backdrop of the table to create a wonderful place for pictures.  With this glamp out, we chose large multi-colored tissue paper flowers with a hot pink polka dot border. We found some cute fabric and, voila, we have a tablecloth for the girls’ table!  To go along with the glamour theme, we made a hula hoop chandelier with chevron ribbons that hung from the iron chandelier in the kitchen.


Let’s talk cakes and cookies.  We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful bakeries in Birmingham.  I am partial to Dream Cakes in Homewood.  Not only are their cakes delicious, but they are eye candy for the dessert table.  The chevron and polka dot theme was incorporated on the cake, and the tent was made of fondant.  Icing on the Cookie made the adorable tent cookies.  Their cookies have a distinct almond flavor that just melts in your mouth!


When the girls arrived, we started at the art table.  We found some precious wooden owls and birds with iron feet.  The girls picked their paint colors and let their creativity take over!  Next, we surprised the girls with a hula hoop show from Aura Hoops.  This was the highlight of the night!  They learned how to do tricks and various hula hoop routines while listening to their favorite music.  The girls also participated in a Scavenger hunt that involved finding trees, fire, tents, feathers, a bike, flowers and leaves.  The Scavenger hunt card matched the invitation.

My personal favorite was the “Camp Fire stories.”  We found some tree stumps on Vestavia Trading and set them up in a circle in the front yard. Each girl got a turn and was able to tell her own story. They were so precious!

Party Favors

For the party favors, we assembled a s’mores container for each girl.  Each girl got to choose her own chevron shopping bag that was also filled with a sparkly compact and box candy for the movie later that night.  We also had a “make your own trail mix” station that the girls scooped their favorite ingredients.

This party was a huge hit and your next party can be too.  I approach party planning as a collaboration with you and your child.  They grow up so quickly so I like to do special, one-of-a-kind parties that they will always remember.  I can work within any budget.  It is all about the details.  I also coordinate other events, such as baby showers and graduation parties.  I would be honored if you let me style your next event!

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