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December 19, 2014

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Lauryn Walker

By Buffy York

I really don’t consider this as much of a fashion post as I do a Public Service Anouncement.

Last week when it was crazy cold one day I pulled out a blanket scarf I recently purchased from and threw an outfit together that I wasn’t 100% sure about.  So, doing what I do I took a “full-length mirror selfie” and sent it to my friend Lauryn Walker and asked what she thought.  Said she loved it and wanted a scarf like that.  Since everything on Groopdealz is dirt, and I mean dirt, cheap I had purchased six of the scarves (for gifts I am not a hoarder).  I told Lauryn I would be right over with a scarf for her and camera in hand so we could take some pics for the blog.  Understand that only about 50% of the pictures I take ever make it to the blog so I really didn’t think much about posting it.  Then, Sunday I received an email from an acquaintence at my daughter’s school who saw me that day at the grocery store and wanted to know where I found my scarf.  I responded back to her and being the community service gal that I am, I also posted a few of the pictures on Instagram and got lots of comments on the scarf, not only on Insta but also in real life.  It was a $14 scarf and you would have thought that was busting out an Hermes.  That is when it hit me that much like City Lips and Baby Foot people need to know about Groopdealz.

Groopdealz is an online daily boutique similar to Rue La La or One Kings Lane, but much less expensive.  Think Pier 1 furniture, potientially disposable inexpensive.  Once you go online and register they will send you daily emails with a new ” themed boutique” with 25 or so items that will run for 5 days.  The four categories are Fashion, Jewelry, For the Home and Kids and they fit alot of randomness up under each category.  Things like vests and knock off emi-jays and phone chargers.  There are lots of personalized items for sale from jewelry to vinyl wall decals and there is always tons of monogramming going on.  Items do tend to sell out quick and the scarf I am wearing is long gone but I found this one that I might get in pink.

You’re welcome.

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    Love love this scarf! I have it on now!!!!! I will be your photog anytime!


    You know I love you Gayle!

    Omg! That bag is so amazing! I really love it :) You’re style is phenom.


    Thank you Nikki. I love this bag. It is Ceri Hoover, a designer out of Nashville. Thank you for reading the blog and I’m glad you are enjoying it. Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays. xo–Buffy

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