The House That HomeGoods Built

January 17, 2016

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By Buffy York

The subject matter of today’s post began a few weeks before school started when we had a massive yard sale.  Our kiddos did an extensive playroom clean out and we made a nice little profit on their discarded toys (we had Legos…Star Wars Legos).  We decided to take the proceeds and start the transformation from playroom to Teen Room.  When Tim and I got married over 4 years ago the playroom was already filled with discarded furniture, a wall of bookshelves and a rolling rack full of years of dance costumes.  I added more furniture and a wall of plastic bins containing Legos, toy construction equipment, monster trucks, Transformers, cars from “Cars” and “Thomas the Train” engines.  Once all of that was either sold or stored in the attic we brought the room into the current century by replacing our 700-pound Magnavox “Smart” tube television with a flat screen and had the room painted.  We’re cutting edge like that.  (side note:  We moved our television armoire into another room and placed plastic bins and drawers inside and it became Alice’s craft closet…those suckers have no resale value.)

Next I started casing my favorite discount stores for items that were cool enough for the Teen Room but would not bust our meager budget.  I started at HomeGoods looking for a piece of furniture to go under the television.  HomeGoods is not for the indecisive or impatient.  If you see something you like, you better buy it.  It won’t be there the next time you pop in.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, remember there is always next time.  Since HG is owned by TJMaxx, the whole “never the same place twice” thing is in full swing here.  I live in Birmingham so I shop at the HomeGoods in Hoover.  If you are in Atlanta you have some great options but the mother load is in Alpharetta.  On my first shopping trip of “Mission Teen Room” I scored the rug. (I was in my HomeGoods yesterday and they have a great rug selection right now)  I then started frequenting HG weekly and over multiple trips I snatched up the side tables, hashtag pillows, a framed print, floor and table lamps, the acrylic “&” and gold sphere, and 2 months later I finally found the mirrored television console.

Knowing that HomeGoods is not the only game in town, I found the jute poufs at Target.  The acrylic chairs in our “selfie” station (the room between the girls’ bedrooms and the teen room) came from Amazon, and the huge wall mirror is from Southeastern Salvage. The small framed print is actually a Hallmark Signature Card framed in a white frame we had laying around.  There were a few splurges.  The console lamps are a pair I have had for years and updated them with new lampshades custom made from Village Firefly.  We recovered the chairs, but recovering the sofa was not in the budget so I had pillows made with fabrics from Lewis and Sheron in Atlanta and bought the zip code pillow off of Etsy.  The new pillows cover up lots of living that has happened on our sofa.

Since HomeGoods doesn’t have an online source I have hooked you up with similar items from the Teen Room below.  I think you can tell from most of the prices, if you have the time and patience, it is worth it to stalk your local HomeGoods for the best deals.



    Love it!!! You know I am a huge home goods (discount in general) fan!! Why overpay if you don’t have to? Looks great!!

    Gigi, I could not agree more! Buff

    Absolutely gorgeous!

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