It's Going Down For Real

April 23, 2015

distressed jeans jeans
distressed jeans jeans
jeans distressed jean
distressed jeans jeans
distressed jeans jeans
distressed jeans jeans
distressed jeans jeans

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By Buffy York

This weekend I am off to Tuscaloosa for a few days with my sorority sisters for one last hoorah before they tear down our house to make way for a bigger, better and more modern Kappa House.  Considering that my mom lived in that house, and it seemed tired when I was there 25 years ago, the time has come.  Leading up to this weekend hilarious emails and text messages have been flying back and forth bringing on a flood of memories.  One is that of a trip that every student at the University of Alabama “back in the day” had to take.  There was a house/business about 5 miles from campus called Broke N Jeans.  This house had a shed in the back that contained stacks and stacks of, exactly as the name on the hand painted sign would suggest, broken in Levi’s jeans.  I am pretty sure they came from the prison, but we didn’t care.  The origin was of no concern to us, we just wanted faded, super soft jeans and we didn’t want to work for it.  I mean, they boiled the jeans in a huge caldron out back for sanitary purposes and I can’t imagine how many loads of laundry it would take to get a new pair of 501’s in that condition.  Really we were just reducing our carbon footprint.  We immediately took the jeans to any friend we knew with a sewing machine and pegged the legs until we almost couldn’t get our foot through the hole.  Broke N Jeans were the original premium denim retailers…basically we were upcycling and didn’t even know it.

While it was an adventure to dig through the piles of nasty jeans to find the perfect pair I am glad those days are over.   Last week when I was in Fabrik Homewood for the Sabria Brow Event I found these BLANKNYC jeans.  I have to tell you they are the softest jeans I have ever owned.  They are under $100 and are perfectly “Broke N” and distressed with no need for my neighbor in Tutwiler (shout out to Tricia Perri) to peg the legs.  These jeans paired with my “Forever 21” shoes and bag are perfect for my trip down to T-Town this weekend to relive the glory days

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BLANKNYC jeans | Fabrik shirt 205-582-9477 | Forever 21 shoes (sold out similar here and here) | Forever 21 shoulder bag | Nixon watch | Shalla Wista rose gold earrings | Mark Edge necklace (similar here) | Christian Dior sunglasses (similar here)

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    Great article Buff. Brings back so many great memories and I’ll be wearing my super soft BLANKNYC’s too!

    I visited Broke N Jeans many times back in the 80s . Maybe the stonewashed trend was long gone by the time you got there, but we would take our already Broke N Jeans to the Tutwiler bathtub, fill it with Clorox, wad up the jeans with rubber bands and throw them in. The result was the perfect stonewashed broken in jean!!!! I still have one pair in my attic that I will never part with. The waist comes up to my rib cage.
    Have fun this weekend!

    I loved reading some Tuscaloosa history! I wish we still had that jean place they would be in great business! Enjoy your weekend!
    Xo chandler

    Thanks Chandler. Such fond memories of Tuscaloosa. Enjoy your time there it certainly flies by. I seriously wish BIJ was still in business. I would love a pair of really worn in Levi’s.

    I was a Kappa too! Good memories! I haven’t been back to my house since 1988 though.

    That LV Keepall is GORGEOUS. Have fun in Tuscaloosa!

    I LOVE blanknyc jeans!! Hope you have a great trip!

    I LOVE you those shoes!!! Not Target?????!!

    This post brings back fond memories!! Wish I still had my “broke N jeans”!!! Love the Blank NYC though!!

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