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November 23, 2015

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By Buffy York

So lately I haven’t been that engaged with the blog or any other social media platform for that matter.  I would love to give you a glamorous excuse, but in the beginning of October I engaged in a full on battle with lice (just one more thing Heidi Klum and I have in common).   Anyway, the moment happened, the one I thought we had somehow escaped since my youngest is in third grade, and the school nurse told me we had lice.  Is your head itching yet? Anyway, I immediately called The Lice Place.  The minute they confirmed that critters were living amongst us I told them to spare no expense, we bought the “gold package” which means complete removal and free checks for life, and they started combing through our hair.  After ordering 2 Papa John’s pizzas, spending 3 1/2 hours and some major bank…BOOM we were lice free.

On the way home I was feeling very in control and then I started to think about the amount of laundry that was about to go down.  It was an overwhelming sense of anxiety. I wanted the Tide Loads of Hope Truck to show up because in my self-centered world it felt like a natural disaster. I spent the next four days in complete overkill mode, washing and rewashing sheets and towels, and not letting my children sit anywhere except the kitchen table.

The time I spent prisoner to my Speed Queen Washing Machine (the one you will want once you finally ditch your smelly front loader) I started to realize how “un-OCD-esque” my home had become. I spent the next few weeks cleaning out closets and drawers and walking around like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a bottle of Windex wiping down every surface and window in my path.

Another thing that has kept me from blogging is that my “non television watching self” has become completely addicted to The Voice and another show that Bravo calls the funniest show on television.  Seriously, have you seen The People’s Couch? It is irreverent, inappropriate, and sooooo funny. Go look it up on You Tube, you will not be disappointed.

I tell you this not as an excuse, but just to let you know I’ve been busy, the blog has taken a back seat to my real life and I should have posted these pictures from the Linly Heflin Fashion Show weeks ago.  Tracy James of Chic Made Simple produced the show and every look above can be found at Gus Mayer in Birmingham.  Since fall/winter weather has just kicked in and the holidays are upon us, hopefully the fashions featured in this post will serve as inspiration for the final football games of the season, family get togethers, holiday office parties and dinners, lunch with the girls and cocktail soirees.



    Ugh! We dealt with it TWICE this summer and we homeschool! We realized the second time where we picked it up ( a friends house). That laundry crap is no joke.

    Sasha next time you should go to The Lice Place. They say the problem is making sure every nit it gone or else it will happen again. They are the best! –Buffy

    I’ve had my Speed Queen for almost 4 years and love it. Made in the USA!!!!!

    Amen Sister!

    Love my Speed Queen! I bought a front loader, had it for one day then called the store I bought it from and said get this thing out of my house!
    Also, a big THANK YOU for being upfront about the lice. If more people spoke up like you, it would go a long way in stopping the spread of those little critters.

    Lice Combs and Speed Queens should be in every household! Thanks for always reading. –Buffy

    LICE ARE A NIGHTMARE! It’s been 3 years since we were attacked and I still pick every 10 days. Cannot be too safe. Thanks for sharing and glad you’re back:)


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