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May 18, 2015

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By Buffy York

This past Christmas my ex-husband’s girlfriend, because we are modern like that, gave me a few items from Lush Handmade Cosmetics.  Among the gifts were, the item they are most famous for, the Bath Bomb, and almost as a joke, “The Buffy.”  She also gave the girls the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub, Sparkle Dusting Powder, Dream Cream Lotion and lots of other goodness from Lush.

Lush is a cosmetic company where everything is handmade only using the freshest organic ingredients purchased from ethical companies where animal testing is prohibited.  Their “Green Policy” is extensive.  From packaging to transportation to water they back up all of their claims of being environmentally friendly with an annual report showing how they deliver on their “green” promise.

I let the tin box of the Buffy sit in my drawer a few weeks, but hearing the girls rave about all of the Lush wonderfulness in their possession, and the fact that I needed a new bar of soap, I decided to pull out the Buffy and give it a go.  Upon first glance you can see the ground almonds so I was expecting some sort of fair trade, super organic, ultra hip exfoliating soap.  Hold the phone and back up the truck because this bad boy is not soap.  It is actually organic cocoa and shea butter and, while the ground almonds, rice and asuki beans (I don’t know either) do exfoliate your skin, it is the butters that leave your skin feeling amazing long after your shower is over.  The scrubby part rinses right off of your skin in the shower but the moisturizers in the Buffy cling to your skin without being greasy.  You can totally skip the lotion.  Since it is May and I am starting to show a little more skin and this is the craziest time of the year for us, I’m looking for any time saving step that can knock a minute or two off of my morning routine.

Lush stores are all over the place, except Alabama of course, so when we were in New York for Spring Break we made a stop at their Lexington Avenue store and loaded up.  Their online store is great too and the products are never ending.  I recommend starting off with the Buffy.  She comes in three different sizes (kinda like me depending on the day) and I promise she will not disappoint.

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    I love that it is an organic product and love the packaging – can’t wait to try!!

    You will not regret giving Lush a try. –Buffy

    We have one of these at Lenox and I have never bothered to stop. I am a soap hoarder so sounds like I have a new product to add to the collection!!

    I may have just introduced you to a new habit! xoxo Buffy

    My skin is so dry in the Summer! I’m ordering!

    I’ll be placing an order in a few!

    Buffy, love these products and the story of how you were introduced to them, but it is your voice, full of wit and sarcasm that I truly enjoy! Thanks for the laugh with my morning coffee today!

    Thanks Catherine…you made my day! –Buffy

    nice! i’m on that! thank you!!!!

    You will love!

    I am all about some Ocean Salt right now! It tricks me into thinking the back of my legs will look less like I lost a rock fight.

    I’m going to have to try that! Thanks for introducing us to Lush Olivia! We love you for that and many other reasons. xoxo Buffy

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