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February 5, 2015

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By Buffy York


When it comes to aging the number one thing that I deal with is my eyes.  The skin underneath my eyes is so crepey and my eyelids are going to need a tune-up sooner than later.  I will share with yall my new favorite eye cream cocktail and everything I may or may not have had injected and lasered in my orbital region on a later post.  This post is all about your lashes which are also big tellers of our age.  Thick full lashes are not only youthful, but they can distract from the lines around your eyes, and anyone who has a small child knows the power of distraction.  A few months back I did a “Beauty Bits” on Latisse and when it comes to long full natural lashes it is the mack daddy.  However, it does take money, diligence and patience to see a difference.  Even when your maximum results are met at 16 weeks you will want to use mascara.

As far as mascara goes, I do not consider myself to be the aficionado and I have never been a loyalist to any particular make or model.  I have tried the pink and green Maybelline Great Lash, all that Lancome has to offer, the best of Bobbi and the super touted Dior Show.  They were all fine.  This past July I was in the Mecca of Makeup and I recieved my “birthday month” free gift from Sephora.  It was the MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Extravagant deluxe sample.  I was pretty much past the expiration date (2-3 months after opening) of my Dior Show so I decided to give it a try.  At first glance the wand is straight up scary.  Once you use it though, boom you are hooked.  Smoky Extravagant boasts that it is a “precision mascara that adds volume, length and curl” and it straight up delivers.  I even converted a long time Dior addict friend of mine after I committed the cardinal sin of makeup and let her use my mascara.  The total bummer about mascara is that you really can’t sample it.  You can sample the actual formula with the hoopty sample brushes they give you at department stores and Sephora, but for me the actual brush, or spoolie if you will, is the deal killer.  However, Smokey Extravagant does come in a travel size kit with a lipstick for $8 so you don’t have to make the full $24 commitment before you know if it is the one true love of your lashes.

To get your lashes in the best shape ever no matter what your age or mascara pref I am giving away 3 ml of Latisse on the blog today.  Simply enter the rafflecopter widget below and leave a comment as to your favorite mascara. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the space to leave a comment.

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    I love Calvin Klein mascara but still looking for that perfect one.

    I use Trish McEvoy. Love the easy take off but not sure it’s giving me the bang for my buck impression any longer.

    I am constantly searching for the Holy Grail of mascaras. Will definitely be trying your recommendation..

    I’ve been using another Makeup Forever mascara but am definitely going to try your recommendation.

    I’ve been loving Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara lately, but I always keep my L’oreal Telescopic Mascara as a backup!

    I did the same thing with the birthday sample and got hooked. Big fan. PS DYING to try Latisse.

    Perscriptives “False Eyelashes” is the best I’ve ever used. I’m going to try your recommendation too. I love your blog!

    Anna, I have never used Prescriptives mascara but maybe I should look it to it. So many choices… -Buffy

    I’ve been a longtime fan of Loreal Voluminous Curved Brush mascara for years, even after trying several prestige brands. The formula wears well and removes easily, which is huge for me and my crepey/droopy/dark circly eyes! Intrigued about the Makeup Forever brand. Will try it out – thanks for the head’s up!

    I use maybeline lash stilletto and love it but j will definitely have to try makeup forebears smoky extravagant!! I use the makeup forever primer, powder, and foundation and LOVE all of the products I have used of theirs!!

    I’m partial to Loreal Voluminous mascara!

    I love “they’re real” mascara by benefit. But – now plan to try Smoky extravagant”!!

    Donna, I could not remember what I used before Smoky Extravagant until I read your comment. It was “They’re Real” and it was great but I like this so much more. -Buffy

    I am a huge fan of Trish McEvoy lash curling mascara. It is waterproof but does not irritate my eyes like most waterproof mascara. When you wash your face, it comes off in tiny “tubes”. Also, no smudging. However it is pricey. Will definitely try make up forever.

    I LOVE Clinique mascara in the green bottle! I will definitely be trying the makeup forever mascara!

    Brittany, I have never used Clinique mascara! Tell me what you love about it. I am always looking for something new. -Buffy

    i have used Maybelline great lash pink and green for years after a friend of mine from college went to NY and became a stylist for photo shoots. She told me all the make up artists used this mascara. Needless to say that was a LONG time ago and I am ready for something new.

    Melissa, I used the Pink and Green forever but this is a game changer. Definately worth a try. -Buffy

    i tried the Make-up forever free gift too and loved! I made the switch and I love the brush

    Caroline, It was a little intimidating at first but now I am in love! -Buffy

    Maybelline Full n Soft. I like it better thN the pink and green. Might have to try this though bc it’s all about the brush!

    I’ve used “They’re Real”” by Benefit for several years since seeing all the girls at a dance recital wearing it. It really makes lashes look long and fuller without looking too heavy.

    I’m using “They’re Real” by Benefit for the past couple of years. It makes my lashes full and much longer!

    I love Josie Marin Argan triple volume mascara in black. The Argan oil in it is so good for your lashes and I love the mascara brush too, which is a big factor in making my mascara decision!

    My favorite is Dior Show and Lancome! But my cousin is a Makeup for ever addict! Shes been trying to get me to switch forever. Ill definetly give it a try!

    I would love to try Latisse! I use Smashbox mascara.

    I love They’re Real by Benefit! I get asked all the time if I have eyelash extensions.

    I love the Loreal Double Extend mascara. It has a “primer” coat then a regular coat.

    Oh I wish I had a favorite but I’m still searching for that holy grail of mascaras! I go back and forth between Dior show and Maybeline full and soft because I love their brushes. Trying your recommendation ASAP!

    I am always looking for the perfect mascara. I currently use one I won in twitter. :-) I did like the sephora birthday gift.

    I have tried them all but haven’t found my favorite! I will try this one out for sure! Love your blog (esp the makeup tips)!

    Ahhh I had to go look because I used to buy Maybelline’s Great Lash for years, but now I use Maybelline’s Falsies Volum’ Express.

    I love Latisse. I use Mary Kay mascara. It’s the only Mary Kay product I use. A friend suggested it and it’s fantastic.

    Lancome definicils – never clumps for me

    Loreal Double Extend from the drugstore! Love it!

    I love L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black! It is amazing. Always end up going back to it!

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