My Summer Handbag Must Haves

May 13, 2015

Scarf by Tuli Designs

My Cosmetic Must Haves

My Emergency Must Haves

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By Buffy York

I’m one of those people who change handbags often, and I’m not talking about seasonally.  I change from week to week and I like to carry lots of items around in my bag, a modern day Mary Poppins if you will.  I figured out a while back that, when changing purses frequently, I tended to need items left in last weeks purse quite often so I became a lover of pouches.  Small bags and pouches in my purse make it easy to transfer from bag to bag and not leave the necessities behind.  Today I’m talking about a few of the must haves found in my handbag and pouches that get me through these summer days that are upon us.

TuLi Scarves
I am seriously cold natured.  Like, I love to get in a hot car in the summer after being in a freezing cold grocery store, kind of cold natured.  This scarf by TuLi Designs is not only the perfect weight for a nice summer layer when you are chilled to the bone, but it is great looking.  It is also a great way to update the look of last year’s handbag.  I’ve pulled out this Stella & Dot number from last year, and I love the way it looks with a pop of color from the scarf.  My hometown friend Lindsay Masters Peterson is the designer of these beautiful and versatile scarves.  Inspired by her travels these scarves are truly a piece of wearable art.  Lindsay will be at Manhattan South on Thursday, May 14th for a trunk show from 11-7.  You should definitley run by and check out all of her designs and if you make it by tell Lindsay we are friends.

My Cosmetic Pouch
I am a lip balm junkie and if you have read any of my gift guides you know I love Dior’s Creme de Rose, but it is my nightstand lip balm.  During the day I reach for a couple of different products.  I love City Lips because it is an awesome plumper and this Dior Addict Lip Glow gives you the perfect amount of natural color, and I love the pretty packaging.  I have however, discovered a new favorite.  Beauty Counter’s Peppermint Lip Conditioner is all that!  Made with all natural ingredients that are super moisturizing and also act as a natural sunscreen, there is nothing not to love. I got this right before our trip to Disney last week and every time I pulled it out all three of my girls were reaching for it.  It is my number one summer must have.  I’m absolutely getting an extra one for my beach bag.
Since I typically wear the same nail polish all season long I like to own a bottle for touch-ups between mani-pedis.  Right now I am totally digging Essie’s Tuck It In Your Tux for my fingers and Perennial Chic for my toes.  I also always have a pouch of Well-Kept Wipes for cleaning sunglasses and my phone screen and I have just discovered the Whish Deodorant Swipes, that I have found to come in handy post work-out and in Disney.

My Emergency Pouch
In this little bag I carry around all of my less than glamorous items that make getting through the day slightly more pleasant.  I always have a generic tube of Chapstick, but rarely use it on my lips.  One of my most popular blog posts has been on the many uses of this little wonder.  Read it here and you too will not leave home without it.  In addition to pain relievers, breath mints and stain removers I also love my Wine Wipes.  These handy little wipes will take the pinot right off of your pearly whites after a little imbibing.

Other random items I love to have with me are things like my Sonia Kashuk Brush that is a great knock off of a Mason Pearson.  My girls call it the ponytail brush because it smoothes their hair out perfectly when pulling it back.  I have also found a notebook, a portable phone charger and oil blotting papers are nice things to pull out of your bag when the situation calls for it.

What’s in your Wallet?  Am I missing anything that you love to have in your handbag?  Please leave a comment below and let me know what you can’t live without.

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    That is an awesome list. I can’t think of anything I would ad. I am loving the chap stick must have!!!

    Chapstick is the new American Express Travelers Cheque!

    I love the pouch idea!!

    Thanks Kristin! –Buffy

    Ok Buffy, I have always know that you rock, but that list is awesome! It’s so cool to see all of your suggestions!!! And Yes!!! Yes-I recently discovered Pouches are so Key-not only does it keep stuff together , it prevents you from ruining a good handbag!!!! I need those wine wipes! I hope the gals who love the sun will try out the BeautyCounter Lip balm. I do love my city lips! Thank you! Great, great tips!

    Thanks Stacey. I love everything in my bag especially my Beauty Counter Lip Balm #addicted –Buffy

    Btw-sunglasses are usually the only other thing I keep in my handbag….

    Good call Stacey!

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