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October 14, 2014

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Trind Nail Care

By Buffy York

Okay I am a product junkie and the fact that I have not posted any sort of product review since August is a little concerning.  Are my priorities starting to shift?  I am getting myself together this week and throwing out a few of my thoughts on a couple of my new favorites that actually work (for me).

I love to get a manicure but even when I don’t have time for one I try to keep my fingernails looking nice.  I have an entire drawer in my bathroom dedicated to polishes, cutical care and nail tools and always travel with a bag that can turn any table into the “pop-up” nail salon I have affectionately termed the “manicube.”  Sadly, I really don’t have super strong nails, and they tend to peel and break.  Healthy nails are the best base coat to maintain a manicure, and chipping nail polish is never stylish or trendy so I have been on the lookout a long time for a nail product that that will make my nails strong and healthy.  I have used Nailtiques (and its knock-off Nail-Tek) for years.  It will give you strong nails, however I feel like it makes my nails so strong that they aren’t flexible, and with one knock of the nail they will break well below the quick.  Ouch!

A few months ago while searching the web for who knows what my super smart computer, that knows me so well, popped up an ad for Trind Nail Balsam and I did a little investigating.  The website claims that Trind products will give you healthy stong nails by restoring the moisture balance to your nails and you will see improvement in as little as two weeks.  I am an easy sell so I ended up adding the Trind Nail Balsam, Cutical Balsam and Nail Repair to my shopping cart, and since PayPal doesn’t make me get up and get my credit card it was on its way to me in seven to ten business days.

After the package arrived and I read all of the instructions, I took the Trind Two-Week Challenge.  I applied the Cuticle and Nail Balsam to my nails letting it sit for a minute or two and then massaged it in.  Both are oil free so I then applied the Nail Repair Polish directly to my nails.  Everyday for two weeks I removed the polish from the day before and applied the three step process.  At the end of two weeks Sally Hansen wasn’t calling me to be a hand model, but I was starting to see a difference in the peeling of my nails.  I continued with the previous steps every other day for the next two weeks and by the end of the month my nails were in great shape.  Now I just use the Nail Balsam underneath my polish whenever I change colors and if I am going without polish I just use the Nail Repair.  I’m sure becasue I am about to type this that they will all break tomorrow, but my nails have never looked better.

I didn’t really see any huge improvement in my crazy dry cuticles so I never reordered the Cuticle Balsam. If I ever find a product that can whip my cuticles into shape you will be the first to know.

Trind Nail Balsam



    Thanks for the great information! FYI, the only thing I’ve found to make a difference on my Sahara, porcupine like cuticles is regular ‘ole chap stick. Just rub it on before bed and then as needed through out the day.

    I’ll let you know when I find something. Right now I’m using Miracle Oil that I bought at Organic Harvest in Hoover. It’s pretty good. I keep it in my car and by my bed and rub it in whenever I remember. I think dry cuticles are genetic. My mom and my kids both have the same problem. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do?

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