New Year New Obsessions

January 4, 2016


By Buffy York

I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions.  I’ve always been an exerciser so fitness goals have never made my list, nor has dieting.  I am always on a diet…I just cheat a lot.  Over the holidays many of my friends asked me where I have been, and by me they meant the blog, so maybe I should be resolute in blogging more, but don’t get your hopes up.  Jennifer and I have settled in to an easygoing pace of posting once a week.  We might get crazy and post twice a week if the mood strikes us, again, don’t get your hopes up.

I do realize I have slowed down my pace measurably so I thought it might be time to share a few things I have come across lately that I am kind of obsessed with. If you see it fit to work any of it into the “New Year New You” thing you have going right now, go for it!  BTW none of these folks have compensated me in any way to blog about them.  This is my version of a Public Service Announcement!

Boma Beautiful is my beautiful friend Kerri Bunn’s studio.  Kerri is a freelance stylist specializing in makeup, hair and wardrobe styling.  She is also an aesthetician, gives makeup lessons and does hair and makeup for special occasions.  Several months ago I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, the cause of which is somewhat unknown, and have quit using all of my anti-aging products until it clears up.  Several weeks sans “product” and I’ve started to notice the texture of my skin is looking way more like my mother’s and way less like my daughters.  I called Kerri to schedule a facial and she convinced me to have my face derma planed (I know I am way behind here) and have an oxygen facial. I am hooked!  I could tell you all the reasons why in this post but Kerri can tell you in her own words on her own blog here.  Kerri also did my makeup for my wedding, has given our 13 year old makeup lessons as well as a group of my girlfriends (see post here). You can contact Kerri at 205-243-4845 to ask about any and all of her many services.

Seiler Skin
Okay so I know that Warren Seiler has been around for a while in Birmingham, but I just had my first encounter and I was impressed. I’m not sure what has taken me so long to dawn his doors because I have been hearing his name for years.  Back when I was a pharma rep I called on a female internist.  She and her 5 female employees were all over 35, all had incredible skin and all credited Dr. Seiler for their youthful look.  One of my friends told me years ago he was the best at doing lips and since her lips looked totally normal and full at the same time I certainly believed her.  Two weeks ago I was complaining about a dark spot on my lip to my hairdresser and she told me I had to go see him so I made an appointment.  Dr. Seiler is a board certified cosmetic laser surgeon who specializes in combining cosmetic lasers, aesthetic treatments and medical grade skincare.  After my ONE-HOUR consultation with him and his cosmetic consultant we developed a plan that includes a second opinion on the spot on my lip and allergy testing for my dermatitis (I’m falling apart). But, what I am most excited about is getting all of this cleared up and moving on to the fun stuff and tweaking my skincare. It is time to get serious about the collagen depletion that is going down on my face. I will keep you updated as things progress.  Call 205-870-0204 to schedule your own consult. You will not be disappointed in the level of personal attention you receive.

Club Pilates in Cahaba Heights is my absolute new favorite thing! I love love love Pilates, but I hate hate hate the cost associated with Pilates preformed on equipment (I’ve never been a fan of the less expensive mat Pilates). Good news, now that Club Pilates has come to Birmingham I can go to Reformer Pilates everyday, and twice a day if I am so inclined, for less than $200 a month.  Historically I have been a huge fan of barre classes, but after taking religiously for several years my already tight hips and hamstrings became so tight and my lower back was all jacked up, so I ended up stopping barre and finding Pilates.  I took private lessons for two years with a well trained incredibly knowledgeable instructor and it absolutely made a huge difference in my flexibility and balance, and all of the pain I was experiencing went away.  Oh, and I was super toned with a nice flat belly.  The drawback was that I was tied to a set schedule and because of the cost I was only getting in two workouts a week.  Mentally I need more.  Ultimately, the power of my bank account took over and I ended up back at the barre.  But after a year, because of my own genetics, I ended up tight and in pain again.  Luckily a Pilate’s instructor friend of mine told me that Club Pilates was coming to Birmingham and I couldn’t wait to get back on a Reformer.  I am here to tell you nothing, and I mean nothing, works all parts of your body and stretches you like a Reformer.  Club Pilates has classes 7 days a week starting early in the morning and going throughout the entire day that accommodate up to 12 students.  Private lessons are also available. Classes range from beginner to more experienced and incorporate the Pilates Reformer, Chair, Jump Board and Springboard, barre, and TRX.  If you are addicted to Pilates and want to add more workouts to your schedule, this is certainly an affordable option.  If you have never heard of Pilates or are new to it and your interest has been peaked, CP is having their grand opening this Friday and Saturday, January 8th and 9th.  They will be having free demo classes both days, new client specials and tons of fun giveaways.  Call 205-777-7976 for more details.

Darling Magazine looks more like a coffee table book than a regular print magazine.  Probably because it is oversized, printed on beautiful paper and has no advertising.  Darling celebrates and empowers woman.  It’s mission statement, found on the back of every issue, begins by saying “Darling is…the art of being a woman…”  The articles are broken down into 8 different subjects or personas, The Dreamer, The Hostess, The Confidant, The Stylist, The Explorer, The Intellectual, The Beautician, and The Achiever.  Obviously there is something for everyone and the articles are well written with beautiful photography.  Speaking of, all the photographs are un-retouched meaning NO PHOTOSHOP!  Go here to see what makes Darling different and go here to subscribe.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up 
If you know me you know that I keep a pretty tidy house.  I often tell Tim that I know I need medication because I am OCD, but I will never take it because then my house would become messy.  Imagine my surprise when he gave me this book for Christmas.  Last time I checked you don’t give crack to a crack addict, but in his defense he is a great and thoughtful gift giver who said he was confused by the title.  Of course I could not help myself.  I needed to make sure I was doing things right so I started flipping through the pages and have found many useful tips and the section on clothing organization has been eye-opening to me.  A friend of mine called me yesterday to help her organize her closet and I can’t wait to try out this method.  In the past I have helped several friends organize their kitchens, closets, offices etc only to return later and find the same mess I started with.  Marie Kondo explains in this book that it is impossible for most to maintain a tidy house because really we have never learned how to keep a tidy house.  She promises her method of discarding and simplifying, organizing by category and properly storing our belongings will change your life.  If getting your life in order is one of your “to-dos” this book might just be your new BFF.

DITTO is an online marketplace for eyeglasses and sunglasses.  I’m not exactly obsessed with DITTO but it’s just a cool concept I think everyone needs to know about. First, let me give you a little history on sunglasses and me.  Typically I will buy one pair of really nice sunglasses a year.  A couple of Christmas’s ago my friend and I decided to buy our “annual” pair of sunglasses as gifts for each other to lessen the sting of the cost and feel all warm on fuzzy inside because of our generous nature.  But that year, like every other year, when it was time to buy a new pair, I tossed my old scratched up, stretched out, tired sunglasses in a closet never to be worn again.  What makes DITTO so cool is their ENDLESS EYEWEAR program where you can actually rent your sunglasses for $24 a month.  Shipping and insurance for damages is included in your monthly fee and you can swap your sunglasses out as much as you like.  I’m not talking about hoopty sunglasses either.  These are serious brands like Karen Walker, Prada, Derek Lam, Elizabeth and James, Dolce and Gabbana and on and on.  Once you receive the latest swap of your choosing you have 5 days to send back your previous choice.  It’s like Netflix for sunglasses but better.  You never own your sunglasses, but you also aren’t tossing a pair of $250 scratched sunglasses into the closet grave never to be worn again.





    Love Kerri Bunn! She is fabulous!

    Oh Buffy… I need you to be my life guru. Now I have a few things I need to check out! Great post.

    I just started Pure Barre – and so far, my lower back does not enjoy it. They say it will get better but I don’t want to end up with a “jacked up” back either :) Not sure I can stick with it. I have always enjoyed Pilates at the Mt Brook Y but it is mat only – I am definitely going to check out Reformer!!

    I just started to do Pilates on a reformer about a month ago and love it. I usually run a couple of times a week and the reformer has helped a lot.

    I can’t wait to try out all of the above!!

    Buffy please share what you find out about the perioral dermatitis. Many years ago I was diagnosed and through trupatch chemical testing we discovered formidable and all forms of glycol (ppg and peg) most commonly referred in cosmetics and I cried when I had to divorce Bobbi, Mac and Trish. It took me years of random hippy products and ordering online to find alternatives, what was equally hard was finding the crap in my products. I had to change toothpaste, deodorant. Dish detergent. Soap, hair products you name it, it was worth it though b/c nothing ages you faster than chapped cracked lips that look like you have been a smoker your whole life,they may have better testing now mine was 8 years ago and in Indianapolis. Keep us posted.

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