Nobody Cares

February 17, 2016

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By Buffy York

Seriously, no one is paying attention to what we look like.  Case in point, I got 4 (maybe 5) inches cut off of my hair two weeks ago and hardly anyone has noticed.  That is a lot of hair.  I mean 4 inches is almost 5 inches and that is half way to Locks of Love.  That was an anxiety inducing chop and you would think I’ve been walking around with this “long bob” for years.  Like I said, no one cares what we look like.

So when I get myself all in a tizzy about my gray hair popping up in my part I should remember this.  But I won’t because I CARE!  It also seems that the more products I find to bridge the gap from one salon trip to the next, the more gray hairs I have.  Over Christmas I was shopping in Atlanta and I found the Rita Hazan Root Concealer.  Since it cost less than, and contained twice as much as the Oribe I usually use, I decided to purchase.  I really like the delivery system because it covered the bling in my part really well, and since it was 2 ounces verses Oribe’s .75 ounces, I don’t feel like I am going to constantly run out.

I had officially made the switch when I was cruising through Target one day and noticed a L’Oreal Root Cover-Up that was clearly trying to knock off the Rita Hazan.  The similar size containers, same packaging color scheme, same delivery system and the $10 price tag sucked me in.  I was certain, like my St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse knock-off, I had found a much less expensive option to the designer brand.  I was right, they are exactly the same except for one small HUGE detail.  The L’Oreal Root Cover-up NEVER dries!!!!  If you are like me and touching your hair all day this is a problem.  I noticed this after one “fluffing of the hair with my fingers” session.  Clearly I had touched my forehead afterwards and I looked as though Ash Wednesday or a recent Botox session had gone really really bad.  Maybe if you are using a different shade (Rita Hazan comes in 5 shades and the L’Oreal comes in 6 shades) or you don’t touch your hair you can go with the cheaper option, but for me…I’m all in at $25.

Sometimes better is better!


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    I was about to hunt down the L’Oreal root cover! I’ll stick to the Rita Hazan…which I love!!

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