Fraxel Restore Dual: The Gold Standard of Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing

By Warren B. Seiler III, M.D., Medical Director at Seiler Skin

November 21, 2016

By Buffy York

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to perform one of my favorite procedures on Buffy – Fraxel. There are myriad reasons why I absolutely love this procedure, including the fact that, as opposed to other devices, it can safely treat areas other than the face – but, more on that later. Buffy has been a patient of mine for a number of years, and was the perfect candidate for Fraxel.

I have been performing Fraxel for a number of years now, and Fraxel Restore Dual is the newest and most advanced model. This device uses two wavelengths (hence, “dual”) to reach different depths of the skin. The first is a deep wavelength (1550nm) that stimulates collagen production and treats visible signs of aging, like deep lines and wrinkles, scar tissue and even stretch marks. The second wavelength (1927nm) addresses more superficial issues, including hyperpigmentation, enlarged and overactive pores, fine lines and texture concerns. Unlike older models, Fraxel Restore Dual has a new laser wavelength to better and more quickly address abnormal pigmentation issues and fine lines. The built-in cooling element makes it very easy for even the most sensitive patients!

So, how does it work? To put it simply, Fraxel produces laser energy, which penetrates the skin deeply and creates tiny “microthermal” zones. The treated skin tissue then repairs itself by expunging old and damaged cells and replacing them with new healthy ones. I often refer to this treatment as the gold standard of non-ablative (non-skin removing) skin resurfacing because it produces remarkable results and requires minimal downtime.

A few weeks prior to her procedure, Buffy began using a brand new and truly remarkable product to prepare her skin for the procedure – ALASTIN Skin Nectar™ with TriHex Technology™.  ALASTIN’s revolutionary formulation is designed to support the skin’s natural regenerative processes before, during and after a cosmetic procedure – promoting faster recovery times and improved outcomes. After all my years practicing cosmetic medicine, I can say confidently that ALASTIN is backed by the most impressive science I’ve ever seen in a skincare product.

We begin the procedure by applying a medical-grade topical numbing cream to the areas of focus, which makes the entire experience virtually painless. Once the numbing cream has taken effect (about an hour later), I am able to quickly and comfortably lay down laser energy on the face, neck and chest using the two different wavelengths. Again – Fraxel is wonderful because it can be used to safely treat areas other than the face. It works especially well treating “necklace lines,” the thin lines that form horizontally on the neck, and sun-damaged skin that is commonly found on the upper chest and cleavage areas. Once I begin, the entire treatment typically takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

As you’ll note in the video, Buffy clearly tolerated the entire experience very well and, like most patients, experienced a warm sensation that she equated to a “light sunburn.” As soon as the treatment was over, we immediately applied ALASTIN Skin Nectar™ on all treated areas to stimulate collagen and elastin production, calm her skin and reduce the appearance of redness. Interestingly, Buffy reported that as soon as the ALASTIN touched her skin, the warm sensation she was experiencing quickly subsided!


Check out her one-week-later results:

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Five Fall Fashion Must Haves

November 3, 2016

By Buffy York

About two, maybe three, months ago I asked stylist Tracy James to write a quick blog informing us of the fall “must haves.”  Since it really hasn’t felt much like fall in Alabama and I haven’t been overly excited to run out and buy a new season of clothes, I have procrastinated posting this blog.  However, the reality is that it is November and even if it is 85 degrees, it is time give up on summer staples and embrace fall trends.  Tracy, Virginia (one of my teenagers) and I have all weighed in on a few of our favorite pieces for each trend.  I have also included my favorites from Target (just for you Marni).

By Tracy James
Fashion Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist
Chic Made Simple

The Sleeve
Tracy’s Favorite | Buffy’s Favorite  |  Virginia’s FavoriteTarget
When I told my husband this was one of the trends I was highlighting, he responded, “Are you kidding me? A SLEEVE? Um, well I plan on wearing shirts with sleeves so does that mean I’m trendy?” OK, ha ha, I realize it sounds like we’re reaching to the bottom of the barrel for trends, but not when you stop to pay attention to the new sleeve silhouettes on runways and in stores this fall. So perhaps we should call it “the Statement Sleeve,” because attention-grabbing they are indeed. Bell, ruffled, lantern, puff, tied, off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder, even completely missing…you’re gonna notice the sleeves of garments this Fall. Which leads me to the next must-have trend:

The Blouse
Tracy’s Favorite | Buffy’s FavoriteVirginia’s Favorite | Target
Again this sounds like a ridiculous generality, but not when you consider all of the past seasons that knits have been in trend. This is not that season. Instead of sweaters and knitwear, Fall runways were adorned with all sorts of blouses – from soft, silky and draped…to stiff, structured and statement. We’ve discussed the sleeve, but other details include ruffles, lacing (still hanging on from previous seasons, broadening to mass market appeal), and the neck tie or, as is the correct industry name for it, “the pussy bow.”

Fall Florals
Tracy’s Favorite | Buffy’s Favorite |  Virginia’s Favorite | Target
I have to say, J’ADORE a fall (or winter) floral print. There’s just something so sexy about taking the femininity of a floral and painting it with the darker, sultrier shades that oft accompany cooler weather fashion. I’ve always preferred my florals more mystérieuse than sweet, and this season many designers kicked minimalism to the curb by splashing these botanical prints all over dresses, coats and more. The fashion adventurous are mixing their florals with other prints, like leopard (which, let’s face it, is now a classic).

Tracy’s Favorite | Buffy’s Favorite |  Virginia’s Favorite | Target
While color forecaster Pantone featured 10 “it” colors for Fall/Winter (I’ve written an article on said palette for October’s B-Metro), in shopping the stores and online for clients, the hue I’m seeing the most of is pink, in a variety of shades. On the softer side, there is blush, carnation, rose, and Pantone’s “Dusty Cedar.” But there are also more vibrant versions like bubblegum, cerise, fuchsia and Pantone’s “Bodacious.” Thus, this trend offers a shade to flatter every skin tone.

Luxe Textiles
Tracy’s Favorite | Buffy’s Favorite |  Virginia’s Favorite | Target
Velvet is the clear standout when it comes to Fall fabrics. Fortunately, the construction is less retro costumey and more modern luxury. Other textures include buttery suede and soft leather, and not just in the now everywhere bomber jackets and over-the-knee boots, but also in shift dresses and skirts.


Pictured Above
OTK Boots | Lip Jolt ( This is my latest drugstore find.  I love it!) | Eyeshadow | Backpack | Velvet Clutch ( I saw this on stylebriefs’ blog and had to repost.) | Cashmere Scarf | Cold shoulder Blouse (Obsessed) | Velvet Heels (These should be coming the in the mail today.  Perfect for Date Night!) | Floral Party Dress




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