May 20, 2014

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By Buffy York

I am the only person in our house without a computer.  Whenever I need to look at the internet on something larger than an iPhone screen I have to borrow an iPad, laptop or desktop from one of my children or my husband.  I hope to remedy this by Christmas.  Mac Book Pro 13″ please.  I am also the only person in the house without my own workspace.  All three girls have a desk in their rooms and my son claims the entire computer room as his own. My husband has a full blown home office, understandably.  So one day after spending a couple of wasteful hours gazing at other peoples perfectly organized pantries on Pinterest and feeling pretty inadequate I decided to tackle my own.  Our pantry has a french door, installed by the previous home owners, and my OCD tendencies could not take the clutter of cereal boxes and canned goods and every other pantry item that contributes to feeding our family of six.  It hit me while spending some time in this 6 x 6 room that one of the walls could totally handle a small desk. It was off to Target for me and I bought a cheap white laminate desk (similar here) and took joy in assembling it myself because along with my OCD self-diagnosis I also claim “control issues.” I then had an old bench reupholstered to coordinate with my Sally Legg painting that has found its perfect home in my pantry and boom, mama has her own space.  No more permission slips, bills or to do lists out on the counter.  I have all my papers in my own little area and I use file folders to keep up with important papers for all four of the kids.  I also found a dry erase calendar on that I use to keep up with their weekly activities.  My OCD self is in heaven.


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