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November 13, 2014

latisse product review

Latisse comes in 3ml and 5ml bottles and is available by perscription only

product review latisse

my friend Heather Anthony and I having a Latisse "moment" after a month of use

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By Buffy York

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and if that is the case my windows are looking old and tired.  It isn’t quite time to replace (and by replace I mean go under the knife) the ole muntins and panes, but spruced up window treatments (and by window treatments I mean eyelashes) have been in order for a while.  As we age our eyelashes get shorter and thinner.  I guess to counteract things that keep getting thicker.  Latisse is a product that is proven to grow thicker, longer and darker eyelashes in 16 weeks.  Thicker, longer lashes appear more youthful and actually can detract from the signs of aging around the eyes.

This blog post is not to convince you that Latisse works.  Allergan has spent a boat load in research and marketing to make sure we are all convinced.  This blog post is to tell you how I use it and to address a few issues that go along with achieving long sweeping lashes that would make a Disney Princess jealous.

Number one is the special warning in the Latisse Product Information that Latisse may cause increased brown iris pigmentation in the colored part of the eye.  This warning does not apply to you blue eyed beauties because you do not have any brown pigmentation to begin with.  For the rest of us with green, brown or hazel eyes, this increased risk was seen in trials when study participants were placing the study drug directly in the eye.  Like some other pharmaceuticals (i.e. Viagra), Latisse started out as a treatment for something else and a beneficial side effect was discovered.

Number two is the price.  If you apply Latisse as the Product Information instructs, it takes two 5 ml bottles to achieve the maximum results in 16 weeks.  At around $170 for a bottle that size you are spending a pretty penny not including maintenance.  I apply the solution a little differently than Allergan suggests and my lashes are nice and long and full, and I have had the same 5 ml bottle since May with enough left in it to get me through this month.  This is how I have schieved that.

The first thing I do is throw all the applicators away and just keep the bottle.  I apply Latisse by turning the bottle upside down and running it along my lash line without squeezing.  This way just enough comes out and there is no waste.  If this scares you and you want to use a clean applicator each time I would suggest to just use one applicator for both eyes instead of getting a new one for each eye.  I am sure there is a risk of infection somewhere in all of this and that is why Allergan suggests using Latisse the way they do, but I am a vain rebel with limited funds and I am willing to risk it.

My next suggestion would be, after the first month, to not use it everyday.  In the beginning you want to give yourself a nice jump start but after you start to see improvement it is time to slow down.  I have seen some ladies out there with some pretty freaky lashes and sometimes enough is enough.  The second and third month I used it every other day, which was good for me because I am forgetful, and now I use it every three to four days to maintain.  Latisse is available by presciption only and if you visit the ladies at Village Dermatology they will be happy to hook you up.

As I stated above this is just the way I have found success in using Latisse.  This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.  Please refer to the Product Information when using Latisse.

Are you a product junkie like me?  Good News!  This is just the first of many “Beauty Bits” monthly installments I am doing with my friends, Heather from My Life Well Loved and Caroline and Martha from stylebriefs.  Check out their posts, “Beauty Bits: Blue Eyes” and “Beauty Bits: Rosewater and Glycerin”  on their amazing blogs today.



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    Latisse is an awesome product and is like a miracle. The biggest downside to me is that your lashes are only gorgeous and sweeping as long as you are using the product. As soon as you stop using it, literally within a week your lashes are back to normal.

    I really like your tips for making a bottle of Latisse last. What I would do is just put a drop into the cap, and dip my applicator brush into that and use one applicator for both eyes. Then I would gently squeeze the bottle and “suck up” any leftover liquid in the cap. I too got maximum use out of my bottles.

    I can’t say enough good about this product. It is simply amazing. Except for the fact that you have to keep using it. And I really like your idea of going to every other day once you have the desired thickness and length.

    Another way to use it is for special occasions: Just start a few weeks before the wedding, the high school reunion, the big event and your eyelashes will look amazing.

    Thank you so much for the added tips. Love the idea of putting it in the cap and sucking back up the unused into the bottle.

    I have been using Latisse for over three years now and can’t imagine my eyes without it! I am a natural blonde with blue eyes and my lashes were non existent (blonde and thin as can be). Now that I have been using Latisse my lashes are longer and fuller. I still have to use mascara because Latisse does not make lashes darker but I don’t think I will ever stop. To all the ladies who are looking for a good Latisse provider check out they get their Latisse directly from Allergan and they ship directly to my home. I highly recommend Latisse over any of the lash extensions, falsies and all the generic brands out there. I prefer to know exactly where my Latisse is coming from.

    […] girls, heather, at My Life Well Loved, beauty bits: blue eyes, and buffy, at The Style Gathering, beauty bits: latisse. we are crazy in love with both of their […]

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