July 9, 2015

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By Buffy York

Today I am sharing with y’all one of the outfits I wore in Charleston a few weekends ago at The Southern Blog Society Conference.  Since I am not solely a “fashion blogger” (these aren’t my favorite posts to shoot) I enlisted professional help from my friend, wardrobe stylist Tracy James of Chic Made Simple, to help me with what to wear to a conference that would be saturated with fashion bloggers that belong to a different generation than me.

When we started planning what to wear to the various events I was all…”I’m not wearing any dresses or a romper.”  Well you see who won that battle.  In addition to this romper I also wore a dress Friday night and a skirt Sunday morning.  For the record I have never claimed expertise in any area.  It’s called The Style “Gathering” for a reason.

Tracy took me to Gus Mayer and made me try on this romper and obviously I walked out with it.  It’s Diane Von Furstenburg, it’s expensive and it’s awesome.  Tracy getting me out of my comfort zone paid off because I have never received more likes on Instagram (not that I find my worth in “likes”) from an outfit post and the compliments flowed like a steady stream all day.  Bonus, rompers are super comfortable!

Like I said it was expensive.  It is the second piece of DVF I have ever owned and since the first piece, a wrap shirt, I wore so often back in my days of being a pharmaceutical rep I literally got it down to pennies per wearing, I was okay with the price tag.  But, because it is expensive I have already thought of how many different ways I am going to wear it.

At the conference, as Sheryl Crow says, “All the girls walk by dressed up for each other.” so I wore it with Zara heels and this Rebecca Minkoff tote also from Gus Mayer.  When we head to the beach in the next few weeks I will pair it with flat sandals and a crossbody bag.  If Tim and I ever get a night out to dinner this summer I imagine I will wear it with black pumps and a clutch.

Moral of this story…never say never and when in doubt call in an expert.

Romper | Heels (old similar here) | Tote | Bracelet | Necklace | Watch | Earrings

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