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5 Items You Want in Your Handbag on Gameday

August 29, 2014

gameday essentials that fit easily in your purse

the ChicBuds Clutchette will provide one full phone charge

wipe your phone screens and sunglasses clean with these little beauties

the 17 essentials packed in the tiny minimergency kit

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Carlley Beeker Photography of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

By Buffy York

When compiling a list of character traits and qualities I was looking for in a husband, Alabama Fan was second only to being a Christian.  Football is such a huge part of the culture in this state.  I have seen discordant couples have some serious marital issues when their allegience falls on opposite sides of the line of scrimmage.   It is just easier to marry someone who roots for the same team as yourself.

All that being said, my family and I are huge Alabama fans, and since I try to be true to myself on the blog, the subject of gameday is going to work itself into several of my posts over the next several months.  Please don’t let the fact that I am “Bammer” be a turn-off.  Most of the information I will be sharing is to the benefit of football fans, no matter what your battle cry.  In the links below I have even provided information on where to buy tanks similar to the one I have on in the photographs above, but with with a tiger or a bulldog or for my friend Kim I even found a cute Nebraska tank.

Today I am kicking off football season and sharing with you five things you should have in your purse when headed to the game.  I think it goes without saying that tickets are the most important and falling in close behind are cell phone, a shaker and sunglasses, but I wanted to point out a few, less obvious, items you might want to take along.  In the past few years institutions have cracked down on the size of bags that can be carried in so the items below are not only light but they are compact too.  You will be a “Modern Day Mary Poppins” if you follow my lead.

Chic Buds Clutchette
Cruising around a college campus on gameday with the gazillion other people calling their friends to find a tailgate or checking scores and checking in with their bookies takes a toll on cellular service.   This in turn does a number on your battery as your smartphone is constantly searching for a signal.  This cute little clutch has enough battery life for one full phone charge and enough room to carry tickets, keys, lipgloss, etc.  It can be carried alone as a wristlet, but it is slim enough to slip into your purse.  I found mine at Monograms Plus in Birmingham but you can order online through the link above.

Well Kept
These are just brilliant and fall into the category of “why didn’t I think of that?”  Well Kept are pre-moistened cleansing cloths for your electronic devices and sunglasses.  Well Kept cloths can help to prevent Phacne, which is the blemishes on your face caused by a dirty phone screen.  Again, brilliant.  They come in slim stylish packages of 15 and one cloth can easily clean several items.  Wipe down your nasty phone screen, clean your sunglasses and send your Well Kept cloth down the aisle at your stadium of choice.  Your friends will thank you.  You can find Well Kept in Fab’rik Boutiques and J.Crew as well as online.

Minimergency Kit
This little number rocks the house.  It is a tiny little poof that seriously packs a punch with 17 items you didn’t even know you needed until you are in a pinch.  Things like earring backs and safety pins and clear nail polish just to name a few.  Anything can happen from the time you leave the house to kick-off so you need to be prepared.   Seriously, how many times have you asked someone around you for a nail file? You can order these kits online with the link above but I have seen them all over Birmingham.

If your team plays in the SEC chances are you are going to be doing some pretty intense sweating this weekend.  If you add to that inbibing a few adult beverages, you are going to get dehydrated.  Made by Advocare, Rehydrate is a powder that comes in a packet, fits in your purse and mixes with bottled water to make an electrolyte drink that is so much better tasting and better for you than Gatorade it is almost silly.   It has only 40 calories, contains vitamins and minerals and is cheaper than the leading sports drink.  I am not an Advocare distributor so I can honestly say I just prefer it.  Order your own Rehydrate from the link above.

Ban Refresh Wipes
My uncle says that Tuscaloosa, Alabama is the hottest-coldest-wettest-driest place on earth.  The first month or so of football season Tuscaloosa is in the “hottest” phase. These little wipes will never replace a shower, but after a long day of tailgating you will appreciate the cooling effect as you wipe away sweat while heading to the stadium.  You can find these wipes on the deodorant aisle.

I hope this helps your gameday be just a little more pleasant win or lose.

Roll Tide!

 Wearing: Elephant tank (old) similar here and here, Tiger tank, Bulldog tank, Nebraska tank | Joie shorts (on sale) less expensive version here  | Dolce Vita sandals (on sale) | Proenza Schouler handbag less expensive version here and here | Shalla Wista earrings | Stella & Dot wrap bracelet | John Hardy bracelet (old) similar here | Custom heart ring similar here



    So glad that I always have you nearby on game day! Always prepared!!! Great pics!!!

    Roll Tide! Love the tank.

    You look so cute in your Alabama attire! Can’t wait to get one of those tanks! Roll Tide!

    I love this post but just a word to the wise as I found out the hard way a couple years ago, the cute purse you are using is too big to get through the gate. It has to be smaller than (basically) a sheet of letter paper or they will send you packing! (At least at Bryant-Denny!)

    Anita you are right about oversized bags. We have learned that the hard way with kids and backpacks. I have actually used this bag several times and made it fine into Bryant-Denny. It must look larger in the pics than it really is. Thanks for reading and commenting and Roll Tide!

    Love everything in your bag! Super cute outfit too!

    Thanks Bertha, I am so ready for football season! It is my favorite time of year!

    could you please add me to your mailing list? Thanks, Sue Walker

    great article! great photography! great location for photo shoot! love it! roll tide!

    Wow!!! These are awesome!! Love your blog!!

    Love the pics!! Love the outfit!!! RTR!

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