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April 21, 2015

By Buffy York

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I took an unexpected trip to Target two nights ago for some last minute poster paper. I want to publically apologize right now to my mama for ever doing that to her. By the way, it was one day post Lilly and there was not even a sign that the collaboration even happened. Crazy, but totally fine with me because Lilly is really not my jam. The only thing preppy about me is my name, and when most people meet me they say, “you are so not a Buffy.” But, I digress. Even though the entire point of my Target trip could have been contained to the “School Supply” aisles, I could not help myself.  The Target black hole gets me every time, and this trip I resurfaced in the shoe department. I found myself reminiscent of the scene in The Devil Wears Prada, when Meryl Streep’s character gives us a tutorial on fashion’s trickle down effect.  Influences from Chanel to Kate Spade to Vince to Jimmy Choo can all be seen in the Sam and Libby, Mossimo and Merona collections at a fraction of the price.  Thanks again Target…you rock.  I love shoes.

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    i always love your fashion posts!!

    Thanks Vanessa. I love reading Budding Fashionista and I love following you on Instagram!

    #4 and #6 for me, please! Target shoes rock, especially because I can rarely get more than one summer out of a pair of sandals. I just wear them too much! Great post!

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