June 11, 2014

Laura DiFatta

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Jennifer Hagler Photography

By Buffy York

So only three days into my blogging career and I am already farming out the work.  Not really…well kinda.  I’m excited to let you know that on Wednesdays Laura DiFatta will be writing an inspirational post under the category of “Spirit.”  Laura and I first met last year after my family went on a mission trip to Honduras with her husband Ken and son Jake.  I think Laura and I had one friendly exchange in the grocery store this entire year until two weeks ago when we were reacquainted when she and her son Ethan joined Ken, Jake and several other families, including mine on the same mission trip with Forgotten Children Ministries.  I knew Laura could write because the previous year our plane was unable to take off from Honduras and she had written the most beautiful and eloquent email from the States.  It really stuck with me so about four days into our trip this year I mustered up the courage to ask her if she would be interested in writing something spiritual for my soon to be published blog.  Clearly from her post below she was. I hope you enjoy her soft yet powerful words.


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