The Inflammation of Stuff

October 7, 2014

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By Buffy York

The following article is written by my friend Capucine Monk a.k.a PRoj&ct Girl.  PRoj&ct Girl is a consulting company that guides men and women through household or office projects that, because of lack of time, knowledge or enthusiasm would otherwise go undone, or worse, incomplete.  Cap lives in Nashville but often travels to Birmingham to consult with clients and she was the brain-child behind my pantry organization.

by Capucine Monk

“You have a lot of stuff,” were the exact words (well his exact words might have been too colorful) my older brother said to me upon viewing the enormous pile in my bedroom, just prior to my departure for college my freshman year.  I was, of course, stunned–and literally thought he was nuts.

Having recently delivered a daughter to college myself, I now see what big bro meant.  And now, with my work as a project manager, I am sadly all too familiar with this visual on a weekly basis.  I am constantly working with clients who are in the same boat, but on a grander scale.  It’s the truth–they have too much stuff.

We, as a nation, suffer from a disease commonly known as “stuffitis.” This disease can present itself in many forms–bulging garages, overflowing attics & un-closeable cabinets–but the symptoms are all the same.  Prior to “stuffitis” developing into a full-blown case, noticeable symptoms are poor self-talk, money mismanagement & time wasters like wandering through malls/stores and surfing online when sad or lonely.

There are also certain mantras used to justify why we should keep “this” or “that” once it has made it into our homes.  Sometimes it’s “Oh, but Grandma will be so upset if I get rid of it,” or “I know it doesn’t fit right now, but when I lose that extra five pounds…”  The best is “It might be worth something one day!”  Yeah, well, it’s worth something now…your sanity.

This is not a gender specific issue; everyone has his or her sticking point.  Trust me, I have seen it all, having worked with clients who needed a simple re-arranging of a small hall closet to a full-blown hoarder (yes, like the show).

So, here’s the rub.  You can cure your disease, but it will take time, effort & self-healing.

I am not a certified doctor, but let’s pretend PRoj&ct Girl has her doctorate in simplification, and this is your prescription:

1) Stop lying to yourself. Begin telling yourself you can live without “stuff,” because it no longer brings you joy.
2) Start getting financially healthier. Stop purchasing items you do not “need.”
3) Begin visualizing how your life will look with a more simplified & less stressful environment. See the good, see the happiness in your future.
4) Find someone who gives you encouragement to accomplish your goal & will hold your feet to the fire. Who knows, you might find a bit of fun competition with them.
5) Remind yourself what it was like when you were a child with fewer responsibilities & fewer items for which to care. You can get back there. Remember it’s people, not things which build us up.

Everyone is looking for ways to get healthier. Think, “How can I be cured of my stuffitis?” You now have the steps, so do the workout. I promise it will be worth it!

peace, love & gratitude to you. – PRoj&ct GiRL

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    This makes me want to clean out my closets today!!!! Love it when “the get fairy” makes a trip to the Walkers! :)

    LOVE this! Thanks for posting!! 😀

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