Summer Finds

July 5, 2016

By Buffy York

Yes I know I have not been blogging much lately, at least not on the web.  I have written numerous posts in my head, but since I haven’t made the time to actually sit down and make them happen on a regular basis, I thought I would consolidate a few of my ideas for posts in to a “Summer Finds” round-up if you will.  Tim and I are in Europe on our 5 year anniversary trip (follow along on Snapchat username: stylegathering) and I finally wrote this post on the train from Rome to Tuscany.

1. In my search to find an everyday body moisturizer that is natural (free of parabems and other junk) and has a smell that isn’t weird, I have landed on Beauty Counter’s Baby Oil straight out of their Baby Line.  It is a dry oil made of unscented all natural oils, it absorbs fast and is not greasy.  I use it all over and to take my eye make up off.  Lately I have been trying to clean up all of the products that I use, and since I slather some type of moisturizer all over my body daily, I thought this was the first place to start.  Moving forward I am going to try to only blog about “clean” products unless I just cannot live without it.

2. I found these Coola products at the beach last month, and I am digging them.  The tinted Coola BB Cream (SPF 30) is the perfect beach/pool make-up.  I like it when I am not necessarily interested in full blown make-up, but I don’t want to scare the crowd with a bare face.  It has enough coverage to hide imperfections but doesn’t make you look like a try-hard with a full face of war paint on while sunning . I bought the darker shade, and when I am going all out, I mix it with my It Cosmetics CC Cream (my favorite foundation ever) that is just a tad too light for me for the summer.   The Coola Tinted Mineral Liplux (SPF 30) at first sight looks very intense, but on your lips it is very natural.  The finish isn’t too matte or shiny and it is just enough color to give you an enhanced natural look at the beach, pool or grocery store for that matter.  I have it in TanLine but loved Firecracker too.  They come in several shades for every skintone.

3. I have blogged about Truffle pouches several times, but just in case you weren’t paying attention, I am talking about them again.  I have 4 in different sizes, and I love them all. They are great for traveling or in your beach bag, and I love how they keep my handbag organized while still keeping everything in plain view.  They aren’t cheap, but the quality is amazing.  They are perfect for moving your products when you are switching from bag to bag, and I love how they are clear and I don’t have to fumble around to find what I am looking for in the black hole that can be my purse.  The Large Clarity Clutch is my favorite, this Privacy Clutch I like to have in my bag to hold things that don’t need to be on display for all to see, and the Large Clarity Document Case we are currently using to hold travel documents, iteneraries, etc. They are having a sale right now that includes several of my favorites.

4.  This isn’t the first time I have blogged about Beauty Counter’s Sunscreen either, but since it is still in my bag I thought I would remind you about it.  It works, it isn’t greasy, it rubs in fast without a whitish tint on your skin, it doesn’t smell and it is au naturale.  Oh and since it is a physical sunscreen, it doesn’t go bad.  I am still using the tube I bought at the end of last summer, unlike the bottles and bottles of spray sunscreen I throw away every May.

5.  I found this beach bag on the Target website and over the past month and a half, and I have found myself at every Target in Birmingham and half of the ones in Atlanta.  I have never seen this bag in the store.  I think it is great looking and comes off way more expensive looking than it is.  Target has tons of beach bags that are knock-offs of designer brands (designer vs. Target here and here) and considering the wear and tear that goes along with a bag like this, it seems silly to pay top dollar when the Big Bull’s Eye in the Sky comes through for you like this.

6.  If you have pathetic nails like me, CND Recovery Rx Keratin Treatment is your new BFF.  For whatever reason, in the past year, my nails have become dry/brittle/thin/weak/peeling.  Name the nail condition, and I think I suffer from it. I started using this 2 months ago, and it is a game changer.  Seriously, the first week I started to use it my nails stopped peeling and as a bonus, my normally super dry cuticles started to look more diva less dishwasher.  I keep one bottle by my bedside and one in my car.  The first month I used it, I applied it to bare nails and never used polish.  It is an oil that soaks in to your nails and even though the directions say to only use it twice a day I probably applied it 5 times a day in the beginning.  The past few weeks I have been painting my nails, so I use it around my cuticles and on the backside of my nails.  They have never looked better.  If you only buy or consider buying one product from this post, this is the one.  From what I can tell the ingredients are natural, it smells great and most importantly IT WORKS!

7.  Ok so I don’t actually own a pair of Lake Pajamas but my neighbor Blair owns three pair and cannot stop talking about how soft and comfy they are.  Blair is one of those with very discerning taste and likes only the best of the best.  I run all my” investment” purchases through her because she typically has done the research.  She appreciates quality and classic style when it comes to her clothes and pretty much everything else.  My birthday is later this month, and I am officially adding these to my wish list.

8.  I discovered Atelier Cologne as a 100 point Sephora gift.  It came in Orange Sanguine (they have many other scents), and every time I wear it someone tells me how good I smell.  It smells just like fresh squeezed oranges.  Two of my friends went straight to Sephora to buy it.  When I ran out of the sample size, I went back to purchase it myself and I found out the large bottle is quite expensive for a weekday purchase.  Brooke at Sephora told me it’s a little pricey because of the concentration of the scent, but lucky for me Sephora sells a generous travel size and a 4 piece sample set of their fragrances for $25 each.

Enjoy your 4th of July week, and if these links don’t work and send you to  random Italian websites, my apologies.  I’ll fix it when I get home.



    Great post! Thanks for the ideas. I’ve been blogging in my head a lot lately. The struggle is real

    Goodness, I really can’t say enough good things about the CND Recovery Rx Keratin Treatment. I ordered 3 as soon as you gave me this great tip last month and I LOVE IT Buffy! My nails really are prettier then they have ever been and best of all their so healthy that I don’t even need polish, just a nice shiny buff and I’m good to go! I always appreciate a great tip and this is one!
    Thanks Buffy!

    Glad to have you blogging again! And I too love the Beautycounter Baby Oil to take off eye makeup.

    Great blog! Have a great trip!

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