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Start to Finish This Room Cost Less Than $2500 to Upgrade

May 26, 2015

Sunroom Upgrade on a Budget
Sunroom Upgrade on a Budget
Sunroom Upgrade on a Budget
Sunroom Upgrade on a Budget
Sunroom Upgrade on a Budget
Sunroom Upgrade on a Budget

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By Buffy York

My friend Gigi asked me to help her with her sunroom update and while I am not a decorator, I thought we could have a little fun together and create a space for her to call her own.  Gigi and her husband Jon have three children and her youngest are twin boys who have outgrown the need for a playroom off of their den.  She wanted to ditch the toys and the train table (what a bittersweet day) and make a serene space that was a little more grown up.  I told Gigi I would give her some direction and my opinion.  If you ask, and sometimes if you don’t, I am more than willing to give my opinion.

She started by building a Pinterest Board to give me an idea of what she had in mind and we went from there.  The floor is a natural stone and the walls were already a neutral khaki, but other than that the room was a blank slate. First she ordered these chairs ($299) from World Market.  We then spent a few days together and hit up Southeastern Salvage where we found two 4 x 6 natural rugs ($50/each) that Gigi hand sewed together with fishing line to create a large rug (similar here) that was placed on the stone floor of the sunroom.  We tried to make the cowhides that are only $200 at Southeastern Salvage work but she ended up finding a better quality one for $350 in the right tones at Stock & Trade in Birmingham. She went with bamboo shades from Lowe’s ($69 each),  a coffee table ($170) from Pier One imports, and a lamp and tons of pillows from TJMaxx and HomeGoods ($10-$30).   She had a minor splurge on two pieces of original artwork from Cecily Hill Lowe, but used inexpensive mirrored frames also from TJMaxx.  We decided to pull in an architectural console table from the den that actually works better in the sunroom to complete the room.  Because Gigi did tons of research on Pinterest before the project even started and was willing to do all of the legwork on her own she spent less that $2500!  That’s crazy y’all.  She bought FOUR chairs!

Below are links to exact and similar styles of the pieces we used.  Check out more of Cecily Hill Lowe’s artwork here and inquire to purchase your own piece here.

chairs | cow hide rug | seagrass rugbamboo stick shades | coffee table | pillows

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    Hi! Love this room! Especially love the idea of getting two rugs sewn together with fishing wire. Where is the best place to look for someone to do this?

    Gigi did it with fishing line and a needle with a large eye. We talked about using duct tape on the back side once she sewed it together but I’m not sure she did that step. These were very inexpensive rugs and loosely woven together so I don’t think a professional rug binder was required. We did this room on a budget knowing that it would be a space for Gigi to hang out but not be a heavy traffic area. Good Luck with your rug and if you have a Southeastern Salvage in your area it is worth the trip! –Buffy

    This is seriously impressive and I will not be showing my husband because we just did a small playroom to adult study conversion and I blew way past your budget on the grasscloth wall covering alone!!

    Holly, There is a remodel and a remodel that involves grasscloth. Huge difference. I bet your new study looks amazing. As they say the devil is in the details.–Buffy

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